How it all started

The beginning of our Charlotte to Chapel Hill adventure!

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In May, we found out that we were expecting our first child. I surprised Landon after dinner with the spoon in the photo and a bowl of ice cream. Definitely a sweet surprise! We also found out in May that our renters were moving out of our townhouse in Charlotte. We decide the timing was right, with the housing market being so hot and not wanting to deal with renters anymore, to try and sell the place. Our tenants moved out at the end of May and we (Landon) cleared out the townhouse, had new carpet put in and had a deep clean done before listing the house in June, the day before we left for Europe.

I was far too sick during the first trimester to help with much of anything at the townhouse. It smelled like cats and smoke (from their clothes, not smoking inside the house!) which made me want to vomit every time I opened the door. If I was at the townhouse in that time, it was for moral support only as Landon did all of the heavy lifting with pressure washing, moving furniture and junk that they left in the house out to the trash, and patching up a few holes in the wall. I supplied donuts and lunch most days though!

The house went on the market on June 15th. We left for Greece on June 16th, landing in Athens on the 17th. Sleeping on planes is not our forte so after a quick lunch/snack we went to the hotel for a nap. When we woke up, Landon checked his email and we had FOUR offers on our little townhouse! We couldn’t believe it. We were under contract in 24 hours and were able to enjoy our entire trip without the townhouse hanging over our heads.

And that was the beginning of 2 months of selling/buying houses and our big move from Charlotte to Chapel Hill.

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