Saying Goodbye to Charlotte

A hard goodbye to an amazing city…

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We had to list our Charlotte house fairly quickly once our offer had been accepted in Chapel Hill. We had some light painting work done (the fence and screened in porch) and a deep clean and then got it listed with Fetch Realty. Josie had also helped us with our townhouse so we knew she’d do a great job. We lived in a popular neighborhood in Charlotte and weren’t TOO concerned about selling – the worst part was having to get the dogs in the car while we had showings. We listed the house on Thursday and had 7 showings before Friday evening.

An open house was planned for Saturday afternoon, but at 10:59 PM on Friday (ok, I was passed out at this point and checked it the next morning), we got the most glorious email from our realtor: FULL PRICE, CASH OFFER. Boom. Sold. And can I hug this person for making my life so easy?? We canceled the open house, accepted the offer, and did a few happy dances through the house.

And then I got really sad. I LOVE Charlotte. I love my friends in Charlotte – and my family. I love the food scene in Charlotte. I love the beer in Charlotte. I love the sports in Charlotte. I really LOVED our house and neighborhood. I love everything about that city. Also, pregnancy hormones are legit. I cried a lot. My first tears were over my favorite restaurant: Viet Thai Noodle House. How would I ever find a place to compare (answer: I won’t. No one can compare to Viet Thai). I think LW asked me 10 times over the next 30 days if I was SURE I wanted to go through with selling this house and buying another and moving.

We spent the next month eating all the food Charlotte had to offer, spending time with friends and family for lunch/dinner and weekend cookouts, and soaking up time with our niece and nephew who live in Charlotte. It was going to be tough to say goodbye.

On our final day in the Charlotte, we had to go to the bank to get our money for closing on the other house and have all the papers for closing on that house notarized and I was a WRECK. The morning started with me bursting into tears before the movers arrived and spitting cereal all across the table (not my most glamorous moment). I’m pretty sure the people at the bank thought LW was forcing me to sign those papers, as I once again burst into tears.

Thank God for the movers. There’s no way in my emotional state that I would have been any good at packing up the house, but also in my pregnant state. They loaded everything in a little over 4 hours and our once adorable house was now pretty empty.

I’m so glad we somewhat impulse bought that house 2.5 years ago. We had so much fun walking to restaurants and concerts from that location and being so close to the city. I’m also forever thankful that a job offer brought me to Charlotte 8.5 years ago and ended up allowing me to meet some incredible people, including my now husband. Charlotte will always have a little piece of my heart.

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