When things got crazy

We bought a house in Chapel Hill!

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We strategically planned our trip to end just before the 4th of July so we’d have the weekend and Monday off work to recover. We were definitely jet lagged this time around and I had gotten a horrible migraine on the plane ride home from Europe. By the time we made it back to U.S. Soil, my eyes were very sensitive to light and I was back to throwing up. I think it was more dehydration/travel related than pregnancy but not fun either way.

My in-laws had graciously offered to keep our furbabies while we were in Europe but that meant we had to go pick them up when we got back, jet-lagged or not.

I should probably back up here and mention that for a few months, we’d been casually browsing houses in a neighborhood in Chapel Hill. We’d gotten more serious about it once we knew we were expecting but we hadn’t found the right fit – and they were selling like hotcakes. We’d driven through this neighborhood three or four years ago and put it on our ‘one day’ list. We knew the Triangle was where we wanted to end up and being pregnant certainly made us feel like maybe we should move faster than we’d initially planned.

When we arrived at my in-laws, we decided to drive through the neighborhood as a group. We ended up spending WAY too long driving around (us = still jet-lagged) so we decided to stay the night before heading home. My MIL and I spent a few hours looking up more houses that evening, even finding a few other neighborhoods worth checking out. We headed out again on day 2 to explore more options… but ended back up in the neighborhood we’d had our eyes on all along. We decided we should talk to the builders because all of the finished houses were selling in a day or two’s time and we just couldn’t make the time to be there when they went on the market to get first dibs on them.

As we entered a model home with plans to talk to the builder, we ran into another couple who told us they’d changed their minds on another property and were here to talk to the builder about the one we’d had our eyes on. Now, I say that lightly because really my eyes had hearts in them and all my husband was seeing was the price tag. So, we were in no way serious about that house but I think we could have easily gone down that path if we hadn’t met this other couple. They were far more serious about buying that day than we were (they signed a contract then and there!) and we knew we wanted to talk to multiple builders before we made a decision.

We’d casually asked the other couple which house they were backing out of and why and then made our way to the next builder. We asked to see that house after she showed us the models and lots they had available. We remembered going in this house on one of our first trips to the neighborhood (that kitchen!!!!) – it had just gone under contract so quickly that we thought we’d missed out. But not this time… we took 24 hours to think about it, got in touch with a realtor and made an offer.


Things got real the next day when our offer was accepted and we knew we had ANOTHER house to sell in Charlotte before we could move. Talk about added stress…

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