Gender Reveal

The biggest surprise of our lives!

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Before we moved away from Charlotte, my best friend of 15 years planned a gender reveal party for us. Until that day, she was the ONLY person who knew whether we were having a boy or girl. I got the results from our genetic testing, but didn’t click the button to reveal the gender. I simply forwarded the email to her – and deleted it from my account to avoid any temptation to go back and peek!


We invited our families and some close friends to celebrate with us for the reveal. Jessica Horton of JJ Horton Photography captured our day beautifully and we could not be more grateful! Our gorgeous and delicious cake came from Sproutycakes Bakery. They did a fantastic job making it look just like I’d envisioned.

We gathered outside for the big reveal. Everyone cast their predictions upon arrival on whether it was a boy or girl – and all but three were guessing girl. LW and I were CONVINCED it was a girl. My first few appointments combined gave me reason to believe it was a girl: they had all shown a very fast heartbeat and an ultrasound nurse who said if she had to make a guess she would say it was a girl based on what she was seeing. I also let the old wives tale about being really sick get in my head and convince me I was growing a mini-me.


I’m so glad several people captured our big reveal on video, but the pictures are pretty amazing, too. I was clearly the most shocked person at the party – which prompted my BFF Brittney to ask her husband if she had indeed read the gender correctly.

Surprise! It’s a boy! To which I responded over and over again, “it’s…. a BOY?” And yes, I’m excited. I was just verrrry shocked that it wasn’t a girl after convincing myself based on little scientific evidence that we’d be having a little girl. I am super excited to welcome this little man to our family and I hope he’s just like his daddy!

Our parents were clearly very excited, as well. You can hear my mom and MIL squealing with joy in the videos. And of course, Landon and I couldn’t be happier…



We celebrated after the big reveal with cake, cookies that Brittney hand dipped (total act of love!), pink and blue punch and fruit (which has been one of my biggest cravings!).

I have to thank all of our wonderful friends and family for celebrating with us and making the day so very special. Our little boy is obviously already so loved and we are so fortunate to have such incredible people in our lives.



And a very special thank you to Brittney and Josh who pulled off the biggest surprise of my life and planned the most perfect gender reveal party. We love you!!!!


All photos captured by JJ Horton Photography. 

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