We’re bumping right along – getting bigger every day!

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First trimester was rough, but I think I’ve mentioned that about a million times already. I was actually planning to run the Charlotte Marathon in November and figured since I was already training when I found out I was pregnant, I would just continue running as long as the doc gave me the thumbs up. He said I could continue running but would need to monitor my heart rate and likely slow my pace – both of which I could handle. Then he mentioned that I may need to adjust my training depending on how I felt and that I was coming up on the time when a lot of people start getting sick. That was my first appointment and I was 5 weeks pregnant.

I was sick starting the next week. And didn’t work out for the next six weeks. I made it to the gym twice in that time, and walked a lot of miles around Greece/Italy, but I didn’t run. I didn’t do any of my usual workouts. I could barely move from the couch most days. For an 8 day period, I subsisted off of ginger ale and crackers and even that made me sick some days. I lost 6 lbs in that time and for the most part LW was out of town for work so I was on my own to suffer through the sickness. At one point I ventured out to the grocery store for more ginger ale and am pretty sure I looked like a zombie. Needless to say, there were no first trimester pictures!

The second trimester has been MUCH better. My sickness went away sometime between weeks 11-12. I craved carbs early on and had aversions to bananas, avocado, sweets and basically all vegetables. As the weeks have passed, my eating habits have returned to pretty much normal. Thankfully I’ve been able to workout, although running has been a bit of a challenge with the added weight (13 lbs!), my ever-growing bump and difficulty breathing. I’m no longer planning on running any races (much less a marathon!) during this pregnancy. Long walks, weight training and prenatal yoga have all been going well. I’m getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night and no longer need mid-afternoon naps. I have had some back pain, tingling fingers and a constant full bladder but no real pains at this point so I feel fortunate in that department. And no stretchmarks (yet) so I’m winning there, too!

Weeks 13-17:

Weeks 18-22:

The bump gets bigger every day! We’ve been told we have a healthy baby boy in there and were able to see him kicking away on our last ultrasound. LW loved hearing the heartbeat. I finally felt him kick on 9/12 (during week 21). We’ve now signed up for our birthing classes, breastfeeding classes, hospital tour and a daddy boot-camp class for LW. We’ll be ready by the time January gets here!

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