Building our Home

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Our home was actually built and pretty much finished when we decided to purchase it, there were just a few things we wanted the builder to do before we moved in and even more things we knew we’d have to tackle once we got settled.


We had the builder add French doors to LW’s office so that when he’s working from home he can close himself in and not have to listen to other noises (ahem, dog barking) in the house. We also had them do a few things in the yard with the drainage and landscaping.

As I mentioned in a prior post, we’ve scheduled our fence to be installed, built-in shelves are set for November and we’re working on getting our shutters installed on the first floor. Landon hung blinds in all of our bedrooms on the 2nd floor and installed new shower heads, too. I took on the big task of decorating while he got stuck with the manual labor.


He spent an entire day building furniture in the baby’s room and we’re pretty much all set there now. He spent a different day building furniture and painting a shelf for my office (Tucker tried his hardest to help).


Landon’s dad has been a HUGE help with the house. He’s been over just about every week to take boxes to the recycling center for us. He helped install a fan in our living room – which has been heaven for these pregnancy hot flashes I’m having. He hung a wine rack on the wall for us while we were out of town. And he helped get our TV hung on the wall (I was incapable of doing this without putting my fingers all over the TV).


Each day we feel a little closer to having everything put together. Still lots to do in my office and clearing out boxes from the garage but we’re getting there. We’re hosting our first guests in early October. Lots to do before then but I have no doubt Landon can get it done (ha… halfway kidding). He has been the work horse in making our new house a home and I could not be more grateful for all the hours and sweat he has poured into making that happen.

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