Spilling the Beans!

Telling our families our big news!

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One of my favorite parts of our pregnancy so far has been telling our families. I wanted to find unique ways to tell our parents and siblings before announcing to our extended families and friends. The waiting was torture as I am the least secretive person in the world. When I have news, I want to share it. So basically from the day we got a big fat positive on that test, I wanted to tell everyone who was dear to us…. but alas, we waited until we hit the 13 week mark and had several visits to make sure our little peanut was thriving.

We told our parents first… my in-laws had come to Charlotte to pick up our dogs and we owed my FIL a Father’s Day gift. He didn’t know that we’d had the real gift shipped to his house and the gift in the bag was really for both of them. Their reaction was PRICELESS. This video never fails to make me smile.

Next, we told my mom. We tried to do it in person but she broke her toes moving so we ended up FaceTiming. I think she was completely shocked because instead of asking “when are you due?” her first question was “where did this happen?” And I giggle every time I think of that.

We told our siblings with adorable shirts we had made for their kids. My brother and sister-in-law, Kerah picked up on it right away and were super excited. LW’s sister was a little confused, thought we might be getting a puppy and then finally said, “REALLLLLY?”

I’m glad we didn’t spill the beans on day one and were able to tell people in unique ways. Our extended families were looped in shortly thereafter. We can’t wait for our baby boy to meet his whole, big family and see how much everyone loves him!

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