The First Month

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We’ve officially lived in our new home for a month now (although we’ve only spent about half of that month in the house!). It’s crazy how fast the time has flown by!

In between work and personal travel, we’ve spent time exploring the neighborhood and surrounding areas, making our house feel like a home (unpacking galore!), and trying to make some friends.

Our first weekend in our new house, we actually were riding out a tropical storm in the Outer Banks. There were lots of games, football watching and seafood eating but no beach time. Our 3rd weekend was spent at a wedding in Virginia for LW’s high school friend. And last week, our final week in our first month in the new house and 4th weekend, was spent in Ocean Isle Beach with LW’s family for our annual beach week.

While we’ve enjoyed all of the travel that we’ve done, we have definitely missed being at the house and getting more settled. October is a busy month with work travel for us both (one of my last few trips!). We rang in the month by attending Pepper Fest and tasting all the deliciousness that the vendors had to offer.

We’ve agreed that this has been the busiest year of our lives (even busier than the year we had 11 weddings!) but we chose it and we’ll manage through it. We’ve just got to make it to Thanksgiving!

By far the best part of kicking off October was that Landon finally got to feel our little man kick. We were driving back from the beach when LW finally felt it. His excitement made my heart swell. He’s going to be such a good dad! Our boy is definitely active and I’m feeling him more and more each day. We’re hopeful his 3 A.M. activity isn’t indicative of what his activity level will be at that hour once he’s here with us!

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