Little by little

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We finally have a fence for our backyard. It took a while with HOA approval, getting scheduled with the company (Fall is apparently a crazy busy time for fences) and then weather. They started on 10/4 by putting the posts up and then Hurricane Matthew made his way through North Carolina, delaying the rest of the fence for a week.


It took them an entire day (9-6:30) to get the rest of the fence up but we’re very happy with the final product. We did a 4-foot semi-privacy fence. We love the green space behind our house (no houses will ever be built in this area) and since there aren’t houses directly behind us we didn’t feel the need to go over 4-feet.


We have two gates which allow us to get out the back of the fence or by the house – and makes getting the lawnmower back there easier. Our dogs LOVE it. We had a fenced in yard at our old house too, but I’ve never seen Tucker so excited to get out in a yard and play. He runs around like we gave him his own park.

Our plan is to continue walking the dogs as much as possible and not to lazily use the backyard as a potty for them – but it will definitely be nice in the winter and when we’re sleep deprived to have that option. One more home improvement item marked off our list… our built-in shelves are being installed TOMORROW (a whole month earlier than we initially thought!). Little by little our home is coming together!

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