25 week bumpdate!

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A little late with this update as I was traveling during week 25. It was one of my last work trips I’ll be taking before the little guy enters the world. Traveling was tougher than I thought it would be but there were no major issues. My feet were a little swollen once I got to Boston even though I wore compression socks and I was EXHAUSTED when I got home on Thursday evening.


Little fella kicked A LOT during the flights. I’m hoping he’s getting used to the movement and sounds of planes so when we travel after he’s born he’ll already be a pro! This week he got in his 14th flight! I got to see lots of friends in Boston which was nice – and also got to spend time with LW’s cousin and his family who just announced they’re also expecting a little boy in 2017! My friend Julie is just a couple weeks behind me with her THIRD daughter – it’s been nice to have someone on the journey with me! Times sure have changed from when we used to go to conferences together and meet celebrities like Will.I.Am, Mindy Kaling and Diane Von Furstenberg to now where we talk about maternity leave and the best onesies.


Baby size: Napa Cabbage, a little under 2 lbs. and over a foot tall!

Stretch marks: Nope! (I am loving this Mama Bee Belly Butter!)

Sleep: Still just okay. I didn’t get to sleep as early as I would have liked while in Boston and it was hard to wake up in the mornings. I’m also back to having to get up in the middle of the night.

Maternity clothes: LW’s cousin’s wife gave me a pair of maternity jeans which fit perfectly. I wore a lot of dresses while in Boston. I took a coat with me because it was supposed to be chilly (upper 40s) in the mornings on my walk to work but I was SO.HOT. I think I could have walked to work in a tank top and shorts. This baby is acting as a furnace for sure.

Gender:  still a boy!

Movement: Lots of kicking on the planes, between 3-5 AM and when our dog Bud barks. I easily get 10 kick counts in an hour a couple times a day.

Best moment this week: coming home!

Food cravings: ice cream, lemon water, anything chocolate, pickles/peppers and spicy sausage.

Food Aversions:  Grilled Chicken, Whole30 Buffalo wings (we used to have this weekly!), spinach and too ripe bananas (all of these still apply and have applied since day 1).

Anything making you queasy or sick: just the the thought of missing my connection and flight home on Thursday 😦

Missing anything: running! The weather is perfect for running and I’ve never missed running more than I do right now. I can’t wait to be cleared to start running/working out at a high-intensity again (and dropping baby weight).

Symptoms: swollen feet, sore heels, and headaches (travel always gives me headaches). I got a really bad cramp in my calf during the middle of the night on Thursday and as of this post, it still hurts and I’m still walking funny despite massages, IcyHot, stretching and lots of complaining.

Heading into week 26 feeling good and excited for our upcoming weekend away, car shopping, and our last child birth class.


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