26 Week Update!

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Late again with this update (I promise I’ll get caught up next week!). It was a busy week with work, LW being out of town again, our built-in cabinets being put in the house, my glucose screening for gestational diabetes and my first prenatal massage.


Our little man is growing! I will get to hear his heartbeat again tomorrow and see how everything else is going. After this visit, we’ll see the doctor every 2 weeks.


Baby size: Butternut squash, 2 lbs and about 14 inches!

Stretch marks: Nope (STILL!)! (I am loving this Mama Bee Belly Butter!)

Sleep: Averaging 9 hours but that’s also with getting up at least once in the night, sometimes twice.

Maternity clothes: Still loving my leggings, ASOS maternity jeans, and J Crew’s long sleeved tees (I just upgraded to a medium). I bought two new pair of shoes – in a size 7 (I’m normally a 6!!). None of my closed toe shoes fit anymore and my Toms wouldn’t stretch enough either. It’s not from swelling, my feet are actually just longer, which is beyond weird. Not sure they’ll go back to ‘normal’ post baby. I bought a pair of loafers and another pair of Toms – all about comfort for these next 3 months!

Gender:  Boy! (can we remove this one now?)

Movement: Lots of kicking still, feels like he’s exercising in there sometimes. When he kicks really hard you can see my stomach jump.

Best moment this week: prenatal massage!

Food cravings: ice cream, Sanpelligrino flavored waters, lemon water, anything chocolate, sushi (no raw fish), and Thai food

Food Aversions:  Grilled Chicken, Whole30 Buffalo wings (we used to have this weekly!), spinach and too ripe bananas (all of these still apply and have applied since day 1).

Anything making you queasy or sick: seeing other people take shots of tequila.

Missing anything: Charlotte. I was a little sad this week about being away from Charlotte in a season that we love so much. I miss my friends & family, and my favorite restaurants, and going to Panthers games.

Symptoms: hungry ALL THE TIME.

So, we’re technically in week 27 now – so expect another update later this week. I’m still waiting on the results of my glucose screening but really hoping I don’t have to do a repeat or longer test. I’ve scheduled my second prenatal massage and am also getting a pedicure this week. My feet are so achy these days! Looking forward to our hospital tour on Thursday!


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