27 Week Update!

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Hard to believe this is the last week of our 2nd trimester! In less than 3 months we’ll be holding out sweet baby boy in our arms. I can’t wait to meet him but am going to miss those little kicks he gives us. I got to hear his heart beat this week and the doctor called him stubborn. He kicked the monitor right off my belly and then completely flipped so she had to work for a total of 10 minutes to find his heartbeat (we weren’t concerned anything was wrong because we could see/feel him moving). His parents are both a little bit like that so he gets it honestly.


Baby size: A bunch of bananas, 2.25 lbs and 15-16 inches long!

Stretch marks: Nope (STILL!)! (I am loving this Mama Bee Belly Butter!)

Sleep: Averaging closer to 8.5 hours now and only having to get up once in the night. I got a new pillow this week that’s a wedge which is helping to keep me on my side.

Maternity clothes: Loving flannels and leggings right now – and my new Toms!

Gender:  Little boy!

Weight Gain: 25 lbs

Movement: We have a very active little boy on our hands – especially around any meal, any time I eat sweets and always around 3 AM.

Best moment this week: pedicure. This is definitely a must-have treat that will continue to happen throughout the rest of my pregnancy. She could have painted my toes brown and I wouldn’t have cared as long as she rubbed them for those 10 glorious minutes.

Food cravings: brownies, salad and lemon water!

Food Aversions:  nothing really at this point

Anything making you queasy or sick: the smell of tuna from a can (vom!)

Missing anything: Running. I had a dream I went running and felt so good that I kept going for 7 miles. And then I woke up still pregnant and with legs that haven’t pounded the pavement in months… and sore feet from just being pregnant. But my runner’s high felt awfully good in my dream…

Symptoms: hungry ALL THE TIME. <—- THIS. Still. All day, every day. Cannot get enough food. Trying to supplement with healthy options so I don’t gain a gazillion pounds but sometimes you just need that extra brownie or bowl of cereal.

We did our hospital tour last night and feel much more comfortable knowing where everything is going to happen and how to get in when the time comes. We love our new doctors here in Chapel Hill. They really take time to talk to us about all of our concerns and questions before getting to the exam. We’re off for another little babymoon this weekend. Trying to soak up as much time together and away as we can before we become a trio!

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