Glucose Screening

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Last week, I did my glucose screen to test for gestational diabetes. My doctor had told me that they’d recently switched to jelly beans instead of making you drink the nasty drink everyone talks about. This calmed/excited me about the test.

I had to fast after midnight and also couldn’t have anything to drink, including water. Anyone who knows me knows that I ALWAYS have water with me. I usually finish a glass in the middle of the night but I’m especially thirsty when I don’t have access to water. I’m sure there’s a disorder associated with this! Fortunately, my appointment was at 8:20 AM.


I got checked in and they counted the jelly beans. They needed 22 for the test. They only had 14. I was going to have to drink the nasty drink! I had the option of lemon-lime or orange. Since I have always loved lemon-lime gatorade, I chose the lemon-lime flavor.

The drink has to be finished within 5 minutes. I was surprised at how little drink there actually was, but as soon as I took a sip, I realized that it was PURE SUGAR. And disgusting. I haven’t had soda in 12 years. I don’t drink lots of juices or anything sugary. I hated every second and every sip of that drink.


After finishing the drink, I had to wait for an hour before my blood could be drawn. I read while I waited…. and checked the clock every 3 minutes. Alas, 9:29 rolled around and they took my blood and I was able to eat and drink again. I chugged my water on the way out of the office and headed straight home for food.

I waited several days for my results before contacting my doctor. She informed me that I hadn’t stayed for my blood to be drawn. But I distinctly remembered WAITING and WAITING for that hour to pass and then being stuck with a needle. She investigated a little more and found that they hadn’t taken my blood when I got there so they had no fasting blood work to compare it to…. they used some blood work from my Charlotte doctors but couldn’t be completely sure on the accuracy since I hadn’t fasted back then. Either way, it looked about 6 points high to her so I was given an option: come in again for the 1 hour or go ahead and do the 3 hour. I figured I might as well do the 3 hour and get it over with… unfortunately it’s the week of Halloween and we had a leftover bag of miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups here… soooo think I’m going to have to wait until next week.

Stay tuned for Glucose Test 2.0. And cross your fingers that all goes well!

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