28 week update!

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We have entered our third trimester now and can’t believe it! It feels like just yesterday we found out we were expecting and managed to keep it a secret for more than a month before telling our families. And here we are… less than 3 months out from meeting our little man. And plenty to do before he arrives!


Baby size: A tropical coconut (like the one LW is carrying in this photo from when we went to St. Martin a few years back!)

Stretch marks: by some miracle, I still do not have any! (I am loving this Mama Bee Belly Butter!)

Sleep: My wedge pillow is the greatest thing ever invented… unless you ask Landon and he’d like to know how many pillows a pregnant woman needs exactly. If you’re me, it’s somewhere between 5 and 18. I mean, you need one for your head, maybe two. Then you need one to prop your feet up and another to go between your legs. You need the wedge and then I like one behind the wedge and one in front of me, too (especially when I don’t have Landon to cuddle with).

Maternity clothes: Let’s be honest… most days I do well to get out of my PJs. Work has been crazy so I’m basically up and on my computer before 8 AM. I do change before taking the dogs for a walk but it’s all lounge wear.

Gender:  BOY!

Weight Gain: 26 lbs

Movement: Lots of kicking this week and big ones, too. He’s definitely figuring out how little space he has in there as he continues to grow.

Best moment this week: getting a new car! It’s time to retire the Jeep and get something that actually has some side airbags to protect my little guy (and my sweet pups!).

Food cravings: PICKLES. I ate two entire jars of pickles this week and they were delicious.

Food Aversions:  nothing really at this point

Anything making you queasy or sick: the smell of tuna from a can (vom!)

Missing anything: Running and working out in general. Had another working out dream… did a lot of ab work and then put the treadmill on the highest incline at the fastest speed and was running so fast that the treadmill flipped over. I woke up and was still very pregnant and had clearly not been running on an incline (or anything flat either).

Symptoms: Had some hip/back pain this week and my feet are always sore in the mornings.


We have a couple baby showers happening this month so I am super excited for those (but mostly to see my family and Charlotte friends). And we’re headed to a Virginia Tech football game this month which will be nice. Probably our only one at Lane Stadium this year… maybe Baby W can go with us next year!

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