Hospital Tour

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We signed up for a hospital tour at the same time that we signed up for our Prepared Childbirth class, breastfeeding class, and Daddy boot camp. We are so glad that we did it! It was helpful to hear where to go if it’s ‘after hours’, how to take advantage of the valet parking, checking in tips, which elevators to use, where family and friends can wait, etc.


They provided us with more handouts and booklets that we hadn’t gotten in Prepared Childbirth. But from how it was explained, it seems pretty simple to get checked in and taken to triage once you’re in labor. Since it’s not a HUGE hospital, they do have a limited number of beds but hopefully that’s not an issue when the time comes. Thus far, we haven’t met anyone else who is due in January.

Speaking of being due in January… I didn’t want a January baby (although I will love mine to pieces). Kids with January birthdays run the risk of awful weather ruining their birthdays… don’t believe me? It happened to me just last year when LW had planned a trip to Curacao for my 30th birthday and snow and ice canceled the whole dang thing. We ended up in St. Kitts a few weeks later but still… Anyway, in January, kids under the age of 9 are not permitted in the maternity ward due to it being flu season. Also, anyone showing symptoms of being sick will not be admitted. I teared up a little at this part because I imagined my niece and nephew coming to visit with my brother. Seeing them in the hospital is still one of my most favorite memories – and they’re old enough to understand a new baby. But, I get it. No germs for us. Also, anti-vaxxers can stay the hell away (forever).

The security protocols were reassuring, although I’m not super worried about anyone taking our baby or swapping him with another. When was the last time something like that happened? We’re also only allowed to have a certain number of folks in the room at a time, which totally makes sense. They have great waiting areas but I don’t anticipate a full waiting room since most of our family/friends don’t live that close to us.


The rooms are smaller than what I’ve seen in Charlotte – but it’s not a luxury hotel, right? I didn’t test out the bed, but I imagine it won’t feel like my bed at home, and the pull out love seat probably won’t be that comfortable for Landon…. but we probably aren’t going to be comfortable anyway with a newborn in the room (they ONLY do rooming-in, no nursery) and nurses coming in to check on us throughout the night. I’m already talking about going home after 24 hours, but we’ll see how everyone is feeling when the time comes. The cafeteria was nice and actually smelled delicious, so that’s good.

It was super helpful to have the tour, see the rooms and equipment and have some of our questions answered. We now feel much more prepared and are able to provide our families with information on what they can do when it’s time to come visit. Hopefully we don’t have to head to the hospital anytime TOO soon, but I’m glad we’re both comfortable with where to go, who to talk to and how it’s going to work when we do FINALLY get to meet our babe.

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