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Today is election day. A HUGE day in our country – especially this year (although I feel like we say that every 4 years). When I found out I was expecting, and thought it was a little girl, I was excited for her to see that there was a woman running for President. That’s not something I had growing up. In fact, I remember learning about the qualifications for President and it strictly being called out that it was a man’s job. But times are changing…


Even though I’m not having a daughter, I’m having a child who will have to grow up with laws and policies put in place but this (and many other) administration(s). So it was important for me to vote for someone who I believe embodies the qualities that matter to me, who will fight for everyone and who will make our future better. In looking at our Presidential options, I know that one stands out over the other as far as who will hold up the constitution, work to make our country and world a safer place, fight for the rights of everyone (no matter what your race, sexual orientation, age, etc.), and who will do the right thing.

Each election has it’s host of controversy and some have scandals. This one has been a doozy! But I think we can all agree that no one is perfect. And we can also agree that we’re fortunate to be able to CHOOSE who we vote for and that we all have a voice in the matter.


It is important to us that our son be raised with strong values. He will know that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. He is not better than anyone else, especially due to his color and gender. He will treat women well. His dad will set an example for him there that we don’t talk badly about women or to them, they aren’t objects, they are his equal and he should stand up for them if he sees anything wrong happening. We will teach him that bullying is wrong. We don’t bash or belittle others, we do our best to raise them up. We will teach him that white privilege goes out the window in his home and he will not be handed everything he wants and that he is fortunate to have two parents who can provide what he needs. We will teach him that we help others who need it and we give back when we can. That we are honest people who pay what we owe – including taxes (that’ll be my only dig here). When you have too much, build a bigger table not a higher wall. We’ll teach him that he’s not entitled to anything and that he has to work for everything. We will have his back, but we won’t fight his battles for him, and if he’s in the wrong – he’ll do what he can to right it – and he may have to face consequences at times. We’ll share with him that we’re lucky to live in a country where we have rights (like FREEDOM!) and that we just fight injustices when we see them. He will know that no matter what, we will LOVE him… gay, straight, whatever. He’ll still be our son and we want him to have all the rights that he deserves, and that includes loving and marrying the person he chooses, not being discriminated against at work or by businesses, and being treated equally by everyone and in the eyes of the law. I want this for everyone – INCLUDING my son. We’ll teach him that kindness matters – and it takes nothing to be kind to someone else.

So, I cast my vote early in North Carolina for the person that I think will do the best job leading our country forward. And I’m PROUD of who I voted for this year. I’m proud to have used my voice and exercised my right to vote. I’m proud of the progress that our country has made but I understand that we have a long way to go. I’m hoping that we continue to head in the right direction but regardless, I know my little man will grow up with strong values and a big, kind heart.

Happy Decision Day, America! Be kind and VOTE!


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