30 week Update

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I can’t believe we’re already at 30 weeks! Only 10 left if we go all the way to baby boy’s due date! I finished my last work trip this past week and it left me tired and swollen (even with the use of compression socks!). LW and I both got home Thursday night only to have to turn around on Friday and head to Virginia for the weekend. We went to the Hokies game on Saturday and had a baby shower on Sunday. I am officially exhausted after all of that travel and needing time to just decompress and put my feet up.


Baby size: A cantaloupe and about 3.5 lbs. We expect him to gain about 1/2 lb. each week now until he is born (which means I will also continue to grow!)

Stretch marks/heart burn/acid reflux:  No, no and yes! (Not an ad, but I am loving this Mama Bee Belly Butter!). Acid reflux is a new one for me and my doctor has offered to prescribe something but I would prefer not to take any meds if I don’t HAVE to. The reflux isn’t too bad so I will tough it out.

Sleep: Still getting anywhere between 8.5-9 hours. Daylight savings time has really made me more tired though. For a while I felt wide away at 3 AM when I got up for my nightly bathroom break, but now I am struggling to get my eyes open as I make my way to the bathroom.

Maternity clothes: loving baggy sweaters now that it is colder outside and my maternity fleece that keeps me warm when walking the dogs.

Gender:  BOY!

Weight Gain: 28 lbs

Movement: He has been SO active this week. LW got to feel him multiple times and my nephew Damon did, too. He kicked hard when the crowd cheered at the Virginia Tech game and also kicked along to the Decemberists on our drive home from Virginia.

Best moment this week: Our baby shower in Virginia that my amazing cousin threw for us and Baby W! We were overwhelmed (in a good way) with all of the gifts and love that we were showered with on Sunday!

Food cravings: red velvet cake! Pizza has also smelled really good to me lately (not usually a pizza person)

Food Aversions:  vinegar and the smell of whiskey.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 3 hour glucose tolerance test!

Missing anything: working out but I am starting my prenatal fitness class this week, so looking forward to that even if it won’t be at the same intensity I used to work out. I have already started looking for Fall 2017 half marathons… I need a goal for next year.

Symptoms:  achy hips and sore feet. My hips are making me pay for walking so much at the game this weekend. My blood pressure was also a little high at my 30 week appointment but they believed it was from traveling (I was in Boston until the day before) and throwing up just before the visit. Nonetheless, we’re monitoring it for a week to make sure that it isn’t something more serious. They weren’t TOO concerned because my BP is always normal or even just a little low, but better safe than sorry especially when things like preeclampsia come to mind.


Looking forward to my baby shower in Charlotte this weekend and hugging so many friends!

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