Chowing Down in Chapel Hill

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We’ve still been trying to eat at one new place each week to figure out where our new go-to spots will be before baby boy arrives – I’m not going to lie though, it’s tough when LW is on the road all week and our weekends are so busy. Often times we end up at the same places we’d go to in Charlotte regularly… like Brixx Pizza and Hickory Tavern.


We have been super impressed with the food at the Hickory Tavern here (it is exponentially better quality than the Charlotte locations) but the service is a little slow. We still manage to find ourselves there on the regular – when we’re in need of a quick meal or are too tired to make a decision on going somewhere else.


Tandem is one of the first places we went after actually purchasing our home and we’ve been back several times since. Last time, I ordered these braised short ribs and basically licked the bowl clean. It was such a tasty dish and so pretty, too! We love that they locally source as much food as possible and they always have a cocktail on special that gives back to charity.

Alberello is a new restaurant that opened up less than 2 miles from our house. They also have a market (think Italian items like pasta, olives, sauces, etc.). We popped in for lunch one day and I devoured their mushroom soup. It was seriously amazing and topped with truffle oil. I had also ordered a sandwich with spicy peppers. I was pretty full after the soup though, so I ended up bringing the sandwich home (and dessert, too!). We’ll definitely be going here regularly.

Capps is another new spot that opened close by. They serve mostly pizza but also some Italian dishes (LW had Duck Bolognese the other night). I am obsessed with their Mama Mia pizza which has Serrano peppers and sausage on it. It’s actually spicy enough on its own that I don’t have to add crushed red pepper.


We finally found a sushi place that we LOVE. We really enjoyed sitting at the sushi bar at Akai Hana and watching the chefs create art out of food! We both loved the miso soup and then we split 4 rolls (our eyes were bigger than our tummies since we weren’t able to finish all 4). This will definitely be our go-to sushi spot from now on.

We still have a list of places we want to try before baby arrives. LW is finally done traveling so we’ll have lots more chances for date nights and dinners out (although we’re also trying to be healthy and eat at home as much as possible). So far, I’m happy with the food scene here but definitely still missing some of my fave spots in Charlotte.



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