Showering Baby W

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My sweet cousin, Katie, threw us the most adorable baby shower with family and a few friends in Virginia a few weekends ago. My family never ceases to amaze me with their generosity – and this was no exception!


My belly really popped just before the baby shower so it looked like I had stuffed a watermelon up my dress.


We couldn’t believe how many presents were there waiting on us (I think there was a minimum 5 per person!). And Katie did a beautiful job decorating and getting the most perfect cake (those blocks were red velvet and the rest of the cake yellow cake with blue swirls). Soooo delicious!


Landon helped with opening presents – which was good because I was exhausted from the football game the day before my and fingers were so swollen from being on a plane less than 48 hours earlier. Not sure if it’s just me or if other pregnant women experience it too, but my fingers actually hurt when they are swollen.


This was our first baby shower and we were able to mark SO many things off of our registry like our Pack ‘n Play, the Bumbo, our towels for little man, wipeable bibs, our bedding for the crib, humidifier, stroller, and more. We also got the cutest onesies, blankets, books and stuffed animals!





We were so glad to see everyone and so grateful for their generosity. Our little man is already so loved. We can’t wait for everyone to meet him and love on him in real life!


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