Black Friday + Baby!

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I have zero energy for Black Friday shopping in stores this year (or any other year but especially this year). So I’ve been scouting out deals online and also for Cyber Monday.  I was mostly interested in baby products this year – figuring if we could get a good deal on something, we could knock it off of our registry. However, most things that we still really need are not on sale (go figure). These are the most interesting deals to me:

FitBit Charge2: One of the things on my Christmas wish list is this new FitBit. I’ve had mine (and several replacements) for 3 years now and am looking forward to one that tracks heart rate, steps and stairs while also providing iPhone notifications like calls, texts and calendar reminders – all of which will be helpful for any soon-to-be-mama (without the price tag of an Apple Watch). On sale today at FitBit, Kohls and Target.

Solly Baby Wrap: I can’t wait to wrap my little man up in one of these and hold him close as I continue to do normal daily activities – or even to hike around our neighborhood. I had one on our registry but couldn’t wait, so I scooped one up this morning for 20% off with code Jolly20. And FREE SHIPPING! Double win! The deal goes through Monday if any other mamas are looking for an easy yet quality wrap!

Ergo Baby Carriers: Speaking of baby carriers, Amazon has AMAZING deals today on the Ergo brand. We already got ours but if you’re still looking – I highly recommend checking out these deals. 40% off the 4-position 360 and 30% off the 3-position!

Fisher Price Rock n’ Play: The one we registered for is of course, not on sale, but they do have tons of options today for $15-25 off. So many friends recommended the Rock n’ Play to us that we know we have to have one, but it looks like we’ll have to just keep watching and seeing if maybe Cyber Monday brings us a better deal.

Baby Merlin Sleepsuit: This was another highly recommended item from friends to help our little one stay comfortable and sleep through the night. Currently 15% off thru 12/1 with code BABYLIST15.

Maxi Cosi Maxi Taxi: The stroller we need to complete our car seat/stroller combo is on sale at Target. But really Amazon has that sale all the time (it’s $103 at amazon) so I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger on that ‘sale’. If you’re in the market for a stroller (not just Maxi Cosi brand), you can find these brands on sale at the following links: Britax, BOB (up to 35% off select strollers), Chico ($50 off $250),  and UppaBaby (20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY).

Definitely lots of good deals out there but for me, I’m trying to wait and see what we get before I go on my own shopping spree for our little turkey. I keep saying if he came today, we’d be pretty much ready, but we’re definitely hoping he cooks a little longer – and that we can get a little MORE ready before he arrives.

Happy shopping!


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