31/32 Week Update

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Can anyone else not believe that the holidays are already here? How is it almost December? And we’ve already had Thanksgiving? I was trying to reset the baby countdown timer at my in-laws house because I couldn’t believe it when it said 56 days. That seems SO soon.


Baby size: 4 lbs and about 18 inches long. He’s pretty close to birth height now but still needs to gain a little more weight before he arrives.

Stretch marks/heart burn/acid reflux:  Still having some acid reflux but not too bad. No stretch marks still. Hoping we’re in the clear since we’ve made it this far with no ugly lines on my sides.

Sleep: Still getting in 8-9 hours but uncomfortably. Getting up at least once in the night – sometimes twice. Having to flip sides in the night due to hip pain and general discomfort. CANNOT WAIT to sleep on my back again.

Maternity clothes: long sleeve tees and comfy pants – all day, every day.

Gender:  BOY!

Weight Gain: 29 lbs

Movement: He’s very active – especially when I’m trying to nap or fall asleep at night. He also kicks hard when he hears his dad cheering/clapping during games and he enjoyed the symphony the other night – especially the percussion.

Best moment this week: Our maternity photos and Thanksgiving!

Food cravings: Peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream. I’ve been having this (in place of coffee) each morning. SO GOOD. It doesn’t quite replace peppermint mochas but definitely has been curbing my sweet tooth.

Food Aversions: fish smells (but I still can’t wait to eat my spicy tuna rolls again)

Anything making you queasy or sick: I’ve actually been getting nauseous after eating lately. So I’m trying to eat smaller meals (which basically means I’m grazing all day long) in order to keep from feeling that way. I haven’t been able to pinpoint one food that’s making me sick, so I think the baby is just crowding everything and not allowing my stomach to take in as much as before.

Missing anything: runny eggs. We had breakfast at a new place this weekend and they served me a runny egg that I couldn’t eat but so wanted to. Also, running. I’m sure I’m annoying LW to death right now talking about it but I cannot wait to have my feet pounding the pavement again.

Symptoms:  sore hips, sore feet, and tired A LOT. I had to take a couple naps last week but I also had a little cold. Thankfully it didn’t turn into anything too bad and passed pretty quickly. Feeling much better now.


So here we are… at 32 weeks. 90% of babies who are born at 32 weeks survive – although they’d still need some help to develop their lungs and a little stay in the NICU. We’re not delivering this week though. We have an appointment on Tuesday and we’re hoping to find out a little more about how big they think he is and if he’s turning into the correct position. Last time he was head down but this kid does martial arts all day long, so I’m pretty sure he’s moved from that position.

Overall, 3rd trimester is going smoothly and we’re looking forward to our baby shower this coming weekend with LW’s family and family friends. It will likely be our last  big social gathering outside of Christmas with our families before little man arrives (no NYE parties for us this year!).


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