Fit Pregnancy

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I’ve shared a few times in the past about how I had envisioned being this fit pregnant lady who ran, lifted and sculpted her way through growing a tiny human, and then first trimester sickness hit and that all went out the window. I tried to run again once the sickness passed and it just wasn’t the same. My legs felt heavy, my belly (now with bump) bounced and it was hard to breathe. My pace was dismal and I wondered with every step if I was jostling the baby too much. I decided then that running wasn’t going to happen until post-pregnancy.


I started doing prenatal yoga in Charlotte before we moved and while it was slow, I didn’t sweat and I felt out of place, it was a nice routine to have. I typically got on the treadmill afterwards for a 30 minute incline walk and then lifted a little to keep myself at least FEELING like I was staying fit. And then we moved… and the YMCA wasn’t close and I had a hard time finding prenatal yoga classes that weren’t mid-morning during the week. My exercise became long walks with the dogs and prenatal yoga at home on DVD, until…

I heard about Fit4Mom. They offer classes for both during pregnancy and after to help moms stay/get back in shape! I signed up for a 6-week Fit4Baby class, where we do intervals with bands and bodyweight exercises (like lunges, squats, push-ups, tricep dips, etc.) and some light jogging. The class is one-hour twice a week and gives me the opportunity to not only get in some exercise, but also spend time with other moms who are in the same stage as me and allows time for us to talk and compare experiences. We also spend time cooling down at the end focusing on different breathing techniques and messages to help us be calm and block out negativity.


I’ve really enjoyed the classes (and getting sweaty!) and am sad to see them come to an end next week. The next session doesn’t start until 10 days before my due date so I’ll have to pass on joining those (maybe we’ll have a baby by then??). However, I am looking forward to the BodyBack and Stroller Strides classes that they offer. Especially since we snagged a BOB Revolution Flex stroller on Black Friday for a whopping $110 after discounts, rebates and a gift card we had!!

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