Placenta Encapsulation

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Had you mentioned placenta encapsulation to me 5 years ago, or even 3, I probably would have loudly said “ew” or “never” or “whyyyy?” but now, I’m on board.

My curiosity began after seeing a fit mama that I follow on Instagram post about her own experience with placenta encapsulation. She felt like she had more energy, was able to recover more quickly (this was her 2nd pregnancy) and had less baby blues.

There’s a ton of information out there about placenta encapsulation – but none of it is definitive. Some studies/articles will tell you that it absolutely helps, while others tell you that it’s more of a placebo effect. In total, there aren’t THAT many studies as this is more of a recent choice moms in the US are making (but a long time Chinese tradition!). Either way, I’m doing it. I’ll do whatever I can to feel better during my pregnancy, during labor, and during my recovery!

If you don’t take your placenta, they just throw it away as medical waste and I haven’t seen anything saying that it is a bad idea to do the encapsulation, so I figured why not? Here’s a good blog post from someone who enjoyed her experience, and one from someone who regretted it. Also, a lot of times it’s referred to as ‘eating your placenta’ and I just want to clarify that I’m not cutting this thing up like a steak and devouring it – it will be in pill form and looking nothing like it does when it comes out of the human body.

Our doula actually provides this service in addition to her doula services, so we’re glad that we can use the same person and she’ll be there at the hospital with us to make sure that we do everything correctly with getting the placenta into the cooler and home. Also, it makes things easier to have someone who does both! I’ll have a couple weeks worth of pills once she’s done with the process (takes a few days to dry it, grind it, make the pills)… and then I’ll be able to start taking them. She’ll do the whole process in our home (legal stuff here), so we’ll be able to watch the whole thing and also ensure that it’s MY placenta.

I’ll definitely document the process when Heather is making the pills and provide an update on how I felt after taking them, but since this is my first child, I don’t have another experience to which I can compare. Also, my documenting the process is solely dependent on how I feel after giving birth and our first few days with a newborn. Going in with zero expectations of being hero mom and fully prepared to be a whiny zombie (realistic!).

Would love to hear if anyone else has done placenta encapsulation and how it worked for you!

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