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We may have been a little overeager in our signing up for classes once we arrived in Chapel Hill. We signed up for Prepared Childbirth which was a 4 week, 3 hours every Sunday class. Then there was the hospital tour, a two hour ‘class’ on a weeknight which LW had to fly home early for. Then breastfeeding, a 3 hour, Wednesday night class – yes, dads/partners were included. And lastly, Daddy Boot Camp. I signed LW up for that class (after confirming he’d go). It was a 3 hour, Saturday morning class DURING football season.

We couldn’t find time (or space in the classes)  for the 4th Trimester Class (soothing baby, bathing baby, swaddling, introducing to pets, diapering, illness, etc.) or CPR. I’m more upset we didn’t get into CPR since I feel like that’s something we should know (especially since I’m requiring it of all nanny applicants). I think that would have eased some fears for me. Alas, we didn’t get in, so I’ll be watching YouTube videos and practicing on stuffed animals for the next few weeks.

The breastfeeding class was really great and informative. We both walked out of there feeling better about it and like we’d learned valuable stuff. It was nice to have Landon there, too, as he learned ways he can help and also things for me to do in case I forget in my sleepless haze.

LW enjoyed his Daddy Boot Camp class which was taught by new dads who had previously taken classes like the ones we had. They even brought their babies in! I was definitely interested to hear what he learned from the male perspective because as moms, we have so many other moms (our own, sisters/SILs, friends, mommy groups, etc.) that we can casually converse with – but you don’t see a lot of daddy info-sharing (unless it’s done secretly/quietly???). I think their main source of info is reading – and if they’re like LW – an app with daily updates.

Here are a few things that he told me about his boot camp:

  • Swaddling can be hard, but there are Velcro options
  • Outfits with snaps are easier than zippers (I’m still set on debunking this one – which will inevitably happen after one 3 AM changing)
  • Nursing bras can be very helpful for new moms (apparently one guy’s wife was resistant to buying nursing clothing)
  • The baby can’t fall off the floor (at least I’ll know what’s happening if I walk into a room and each time my son is on the floor)
  • Start conditioning the dogs now – especially when we walk in the house (agree 100% this needs to happen – they are nosy!)
  • Figure out childcare before the child needs care

I’m glad he did the class and got some good info from other guys. It seems men retain that info better than if their significant other told them or they read it in a book.

We feel as ready as we’re going to be – as far as the classes go. We met with our Doula again on Tuesday and worked out some items we hadn’t previously talked about. It is so helpful to know that she’ll be here when the time comes and can help us through labor at the house and hospital.


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