Food for now and beyond

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We’ve been consciously working on making delicious meals at home – and saving portions of them for when baby arrives and we don’t have time/feel like cooking a meal. Some of our first frozen dinners were chili (any recipe works here – we saved 4 individual portions) and chicken tortilla soup (we saved 4 portions in a large Tupperware container). I also froze a pumpkin loaf that can be thawed and eaten for breakfast at some point.

This week, we’re planning to make the frozen set up for roast and carrotslemon garlic chicken (I’m going to add potatoes) and individual chicken pot pies. I’ve searched for healthier options but it seems like hearty foods freeze the best. I’m okay with that since it’s winter (currently 22 degrees!) and we’ll probably need some heartier meals to fill us up initially.

If we get another week before baby comes, I plan to make this Kielbasa and peppers dish and freeze half, as well as this buffalo mac n’ cheese (add peas!) slow-cooker frozen set up.

We’ve enjoyed receiving and making Blue Apron dishes for the past few weeks but have put it on hold until at least late February as some of the prep can be quite time consuming. This past week, we actually received our most favorite dish thus far which was cod with a honey-soy sauce, bok choy and coconut jasmine rice. It was delicious!

My sweet mother-in-law has also tasked herself with making dinners / frozen dinners for us and only lives 6 minutes away so I’m sure she’ll be our hero more than once in the coming weeks. My own mom will also be coming to stay with us. We’ll be covered one way or another with meals and are super thankful for that. We now have some delicious restaurants at the end of our neighborhood that deliver which may come in handy!

We’ve really enjoyed cooking together over the past few months but as we’re getting closer to our little man entering the world, I want to cram in a few more date nights at our favorite restaurants – and maybe even try a few new ones before that happens!

Let me know if you have any favorite frozen meals – we’re not picky eaters and love trying new things (with the exception of tuna, curry and ground turkey which all smell horrible to me right now!).


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