Handmade Baby Shower

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I had to title this the handmade baby shower because we received so many beautiful handmade gifts including knitted blankets, an ABC book that was hand drawn by a wonderful artist and small soft blankets made from drawings of a family friend’s grandson. Seriously, the gifts were incredibly thoughtful and will be treasured forever!


In addition to the gifts we received, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law worked so hard on the decorations and food for this shower. You could just tell how much thought and care went into each piece of the day! Each guest was asked to color a page of an alphabet book (which we have since put in clear protector sheets and a binder), decorate a diaper and to guess the baby’s date of birth on a poster board.


The food was incredibly delicious – with a tie between the shrimp and grits and chocolate cake being our favorite. There were mini grilled cheese sandwiches in shots of tomato soup, deviled eggs (both with mayo and with avocado), and spanakopita.

There were TWO cakes – which were both the kind that melt in your mouth but one was incredibly rich and decadent. Think cake pop consistency but in the form of a whole cake. SO GOOD. My talented sister-in-law made BOTH cakes.

We are so blessed to have been showered so many times throughout our pregnancy and having all these kind people loving on our baby boy before he’s even here. Grateful doesn’t begin to sum up how we feel.


Somehow I forgot to take any actual pictures of us at the shower, or of me and my in-laws. I was so caught up in eating that delicious cake, I suppose! This was our third and final baby shower and we’re now sufficiently stocked for Baby W whenever he wants to make an appearance. Can’t wait to introduce him to everyone who has made us feel so special and loved during this time of our lives.


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