Winter Wonderland in CH

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This past weekend brought us our first snow of the year, and also our first snow since living in Chapel Hill. We only got about 3-4 inches and some ice mixed in with it but it made for a pretty couple days around the neighborhood. It was also incredibly cold, so it made for a lazy couple of days for me and the dogs as we skipped all of our walks.


We did go out for a short walk one day but I almost slipped on the ice twice so I decided to forego any additional outdoor exercise until everything melted. It was fun to see all of the kids sledding on the hills and reminisce on our childhood days of doing the same.


The cold was brutal and my face and hands hurt from being out there for only 10 minutes. North Carolina rarely gets THIS cold… which is great, and I probably wouldn’t complain so much if I wasn’t 9 months pregnant and limited in the amount of clothes I have that are capable of handling the snow. Brrrr!


I did take the dogs out to romp around in the backyard a bit because we know Tucker loves the snow. Bud’s arthritis kept him from running around too much but he enjoyed it for short periods. Tucker could stay out there all day playing ball or chasing us around.

And I have to give credit to my amazing husband who went out on Friday morning before the weather hit, and got all the things we needed to make soup, crockpot hot chocolate and a big breakfast. He made our snow days comfortable and delicious!

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