5 days in

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We are 5 days into our life as a family of three and I wanted to share 10 (because I couldn’t settle on just 5) things that have been so very helpful in making our adjustment a smooth one!


  1. Sound Machine(s): Travel Sound Machine $10; Nursery Sound Machine $40
  2. Car seat cover + nursing cover: multi use cover in gender neutral colors $25
  3. Medela Hydrogel pads $6
  4. Swaddles: Aden + Anais ($35)
  5. Bassinet $50
  6. Breastfeeding pillow: Boppy $30; My Brestfriend $30
  7. Pack n’ Play (our little one loves sleeping here during the day) $100
  8. Online grocery ordering / pick up $5 at Harris Teeter
  9. TV Streaming (we’re currently binge watching Homeland): Hulu
  10. A good support system and food! No links for this one but I will say that we haven’t had to cook since getting home thanks to my in-laws and my mom cleaned the house while we were still in the hospital so we’ve just been able to relax and focus on our baby. Also, I have the greatest husband EVER – who has made my recovery much easier!



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