Day(s) before baby

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We knew L’s arrival was coming soon so we tried to do as much as possible together and with friends in the weeks leading up to it. We went hiking, we had sushi with friends and spent the night before our admittance to the hospital hanging out with our neighbors. 

I also got my hair done and got a hot stone pedicure. 

The day we went to the hospital was like any other Tuesday. We both worked all day. I took my lunch to get a prenatal massage of the “welcome baby” variety. The masseuse focused on acupressure points and used clary sage oil. I was SO relaxed when I left. We took the dogs for a walk after work and admired the sunset before heading to dinner with my in-laws. 

When we got home, we planned to watch a little TV and we noticed that my feet were swollen. Like, REALLY swollen. Nutty Professor swollen. I paged my doctor just to get her opinion on it. She asked me to take my blood pressure and call her back. We took it 3 times and all 3 were high readings. We knew this meant a trip to the hospital was happening. 

We finished packing our bags (LW neatly packed, I shoved anything I thought I might need in mine) and headed to the hospital at 10:30 PM. 

It was a busy night and there weren’t any rooms available when we arrived so we had to wait. We finally got in a room around 11:15 and they started monitoring my BP, my contractions and baby’s heart rate. 

The BP readings were normal, mild contractions and baby’s heart rate looked great… they wanted to do blood work on me just in case but all signs pointed to us going home. 

Just before the doctor came back in the room to send us home, I had one high BP reading (141/90) and the baby’s heart rate dipped. They were going to admit us and start the induction process with a foley bulb since I wasn’t dilated at that time. 

I had a mini meltdown at that point. Our birth plan was already changing… everything was going to be different and I knew I didn’t want to be induced. LW talked me down and reminded me of our end game: healthy baby boy and healthy mom. And with that, we were moved to a labor and delivery room sometime around 3:45 AM and told to sleep as much as possible because the next few days would be exciting. 

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