Hospital bag necesssities 

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I had mostly packed my hospital bag well in advance of heading to the hospital but in our rush to get everything together the night we actually had to go, I shoved a little bit of anything I might in there.

I didn’t need most of the clothes I packed (even though we were there for 5 days) but could have packed better clothes for heading home. I had a random assortment of shirts and pants since I had no idea what would fit after the 39 week baby bump was gone.

Our best packing was actually in our cooler and snack bag. The drinks and snacks were super helpful especially when the action started and Landon needed some food but couldn’t get away.


Things I actually needed / used that I packed:

  • Face wipes: these came in handy when we didn’t have time/feel like getting up to wipe off our faces
  • Phone charger: since we were in the hospital for 5 days, these were crucial to have to stay connected to the outside world!
  • Robe: (I had several – one for walking around (longer!), one for after delivery and when guests were in the room)
  • Gown for delivery: this was exponentially better than a hospital gown and also helped me feel like I wasn’t totally exposed to the 10 people in my room
  • Slippers/flip flops: my feet were super swollen when we went to the hospital so slippers and flip flops were my only option but they were also super comfortable while we were IN the hospital for our extended stay
  • Lip Balm: I ALWAYS have Burt’s Bees on me but in the hospital I applied it even more frequently
  • Water bottle with a bendy straw: This helped when I was laying down or didn’t feel like moving to sit up and drink
  • Diffuser and essential oils: we used a lot of lavender during our stay. I don’t know if it actually helped with staying calm or relaxing but it certainly smelled good!
  • Baby clothes: I took several sizes since we had no idea how big our babe would be (ended up that we needed the newborn sizes and he didn’t quite fit in his adorable monogrammed outfits I had gotten him!)
  • Swaddles/blankets: I took some of our own swaddles and blankets with us. Everyone loved our personalized blanket!
  • Dry Shampoo: I swear by this stuff…
  • Camera(s): I took my fun Instax mini camera to get some ‘instant’ shots but also my DSLR so we could get some better photos than we could capture on our phones
  • Hairdryer: It was nice to actually shower and dry my hair
  • Essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, shower items, hair brush, deodorant, lotion, etc.
  • Nursing bras: I took several of these and basically lived in them under my robe for the duration of our stay after L was born
  • Clothes to go home in: I ended up wearing leggings and a Lilly Pulitzer blouse that was nice and flowy but do wish I had packed a little more intentionally
  • Pillow: taking your own pillow is DEFINITELY essential (although this didn’t fit in my bag)

Things I packed that I didn’t need / use:

  • Books / magazines
  • iPad (though, LW used his A LOT…)
  • Curling iron (this is laughable now)
  • Make up: I did put on a little on the day we left the hospital but that was mostly because my doctors were still saying I looked pale and considering a blood transfusion so I thought that might mask the ghost-look I had going on…
  • Jeans (also laughable)


Had our timing been a little different going to the hospital, I think I may have had a more neatly and intentionally packed bag, but I didn’t want to forget anything that I might want/need while we were in the hospital. It was quite full but thankfully I didn’t feel like I left anything out and Landon didn’t need to run home for anything either.
*photos by Dana Ashley Photography 

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