First time for everything 

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Yesterday was the first time I ventured out with our babe on my own. Landon has gone to all of our doctors appointments with us and we haven’t taken him anywhere else except Gramma and Granddad’s house. So this was a big step… 

I had to get ready carrying him around because he wasn’t feeling nap time after he ate. It was a tad challenging but we did it. 

Before I left, we practiced collapsing and setting back up the BOB stroller. We practiced putting the car seat in the stroller. We made it out the door only 25 minutes after I had planned to leave… 

Our first big outing was a stroller walking group with other new moms. I was one of the newest moms there and the hills and distance of the walk were a challenge but I felt pretty good at the end. Hoping I’m not too sore in the morning… 

Our outing was a success (he slept the whole time!) but right at the end, L started to meltdown. It was coming up on 5 hours since he had eaten. I decided to go home instead of doing our  nursing/bottle feeding combo in the car. That was probably a mistake…

We got home at 4 and he literally ate and cried until 9 pm. It was a disaster. We tried rocking and walking and snuggling. We tried nursing and bottles. We tried the rock n play and the pack n play. On his 5th time of nursing he finally fell asleep. We waited until he was making sweet little baby sounds to attempt to move him – and said a little prayer before we actually moved him. 

After I got him swaddled, we high fived and hugged. Team work makes the dream work. But damn… we agreed that was our toughest evening with him so far (at least since the first night home). First time for everything, even 5 hour long meltdowns. 

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