First Public Appearance

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On Friday, we attempted (and failed at) our first night out with a baby in tow. To be fair, he had just dealt with a long appointment with our lactation consultant where we drug out his feeding session over almost 2 hours (he got 34 ml while nursing – so just over an ounce in 20ish minutes). Landon came home and I was already hangry and had no desire to make dinner so we decided to head out with our 5 week old. 

Our first mistake was that L’s feeding session had started 2ish hours before and he wasn’t asleep when we left. We set ourselves up for failure. He semi-fell asleep in the car but was awake by the time our beers arrived at our table. 

We took turns holding him at first and I attempted to nurse at the table. I ended up having my my pizza boxed up and held him for the remainder of the time. His face (above) shows how we all felt. 

We didn’t let Friday’s epic fail ruin our going out plans. On Saturday, we got back on the horse and went to Jordan Lake to kick off the day. Our plan was to hike but we changed which part of the lake we were going to last minute and it took significantly longer to get there. So, despite having fed him before we left, he was hungry again by the time we got there. 

After feeding him and changing him AGAIN, I put him in our carrier and we started towards the trails. We had now been gone from our house for more than 90 minutes and were just getting started with our hike. There was a lovely sign at the Trail head that told us to wear bright colors so hunters would see us. That made us uncomfortable so we ended up going up a paved path (straight up hill!) to an overlook at the lake and foregoing our hiking plans all together. 

Our day hadn’t turned out like we planned but it was a success getting out and at least trying. L fell asleep in the car on the way home so we decided to try lunch at our new favorite burger spot. We didn’t hear a peep from him the whole time. Happy dances and high fives for everyone! 

Our lesson learned is that preparation and timing are helpful but with a newborn sometimes shit just isn’t going to go your way and you’ll have to spend an extra 30 minutes feeding or rocking before you can leave or you’ll end up with take out instead of eating your dinner at the restaurant. We’re still trying to be as adaptable and flexible as we were during our delivery so we aren’t too surprised (or upset) when things don’t go quite as planned. 

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