6 weeks! 

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Our handsome babe is somehow already 6 weeks old! It definitely feels like an accomplishment to have made it this far with no major disasters (a few pee incidents, a couple sad accidents with that liquid gold breast milk and a failed first night out WITH baby) and a big wins like him sleeping 5.5 hours straight, crushing his birthweight (we have a 10 pounder now) and getting out of the house regularly. 

He’s started smiling for us and recognizing us which is the most incredible thing. We love watching him discover new things about life every day.

 He loves his mobiles (Gramma made him one for his crib and we bought a second for his pack n play because he is so mesmerized by them!), looking at himself in the mirror and when mommy and daddy make funny sounds at him. 

He’s trying to make friends with Tucker. And Tucker is trying not to hate him for taking up all of his mommy’s time. It’s a work in progress. Tuck tries to lay with him during tummy time and photoshoots and he likes to look at Tucker from a distance but not have him run at his face. Stealing kisses is fun for both of them. 

He’s finally wearing 0-3 month clothes and I say at least once a day that I want him to stay tiny and snugly like he is now. He loves to be held and warm. 

He is very alert these days and loves to look around. Mama tries to be equally as alert but usually ends up with cold coffee and a napping baby in her arms. 

I had my 6 week postpartum check and aside from a few things that are now taken care of, I was cleared to begin ramping up my exercise but no running for a few more days. I plan to join Stoller Strides next week and yoga with other new moms once a week, too. I did experiment with running about 1/4 mile and it felt basically like you would imagine after not running for 9 months and carrying extra weight (I was also pushing the jogging stroller). 

We are so in love with our sweet boy and proud of ourselves for getting sleep, keeping the house in order and all staying alive and sane for the past 6 weeks. Go us! 

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