2 month update! 

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Our boy is two months old and growing like a weed! Our sweet boy was 12 lbs 3 oz at his appointment and 23.5 inches long. He is still an overachiever at all of the “tests” they give him and was called the “model baby” while we were there. We agree, he’s pretty perfect! 

He talks to us all the time, has found his hands (and loves to chew on them) and smiles constantly. He is so fun! 

He slept for 7 hours (once) but for the most part we are still getting up once a night between 2-4 for a feeding. He’s the sweetest at that time so I don’t really mind. 

Mom and dad have had a few more dates without baby and a few more turns out where he tagged along – including his first trip to Lowes!

I’ve started working out again – including running and stroller strides. My knees hate me when I’m running and even more afterwards but I’m keeping at it and just signed up for a 5k in May! 

We’re all feeling like we’re in a pretty good spot as a family and starting to plan our first road trips (Charlotte, Charleston and Wilmington). Happy 2 months, baby bear!🐻 

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