3 months! 

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Our babe is 3 months old! That means we’ve had our sweet boy for a quarter of a year already! Time is flying and we are loving every second of it. Being his parents is our greatest joy! 

He does a great job of holding his head up and is very independent (for a 3 month old). He is grabbing everything and constantly putting his toys and hands in his mouth. He is happy 95% of the time and is starting to giggle ever-so-slightly. 

He is sleeping 7ish hours at night… we’re working on increasing that. He loves to eat, silly songs, and walking around to look at  things – especially outside. 

Bath time is now fun for him – and we tried out his Otteroo for the first time this week. Success! (Use code SPRING30 for 30% off!)

We’re still fighting the milk supply battle and increased my meds this week. The side effects aren’t the most fun but we’re seeing results so I’m toughing it out for the time being. The plan is to do it for a month and if there’s not a dramatic increase, we’ll drop the dose back down. 

He is loving his black & white books and really pays attention as we read them. He got to go to church for the first time on Easter Sunday and did a fantastic job! He slept thru the whole service – all the while wearing an outfit his daddy wore 34 years ago! 

Nothing makes me happier than being this guy’s mama. It’s been a rough 3 months with my own recovery (I mean, even my feet are messed up from pregnancy 🙄) but having the happiest, sweetest, best baby in the world has made it all okay! 

Would love to know if there are products you loved in the 3-6 month age range! 

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