My first Mother’s Day 

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I had the best day/weekend celebrating my first Mother’s Day with my sweet boy. 

We explored the gardens and saw the baby goats at Fearrington Village after a delicious lunch at Elements. 

We finished up the day with dinner at Tandem to celebrate my MIL (and an epic blowout at which point I realized that we were out of baby wipes 😳😳😳). 

Becoming a mama was one of the most exciting – and challenging things I’ve ever done – but also, one of the best. I know it sounds cliche to say but life really is so much sweeter now that we have baby smiles to wake up to, slobbery kisses and giggles all day long and the coziest cuddles at night. 

As soon as he was placed on my chest, I suddenly understood how my own mom felt about me and my brother. And how all moms feel about their ‘babies.’ It’s an overwhelming, all-consuming love. And now I’m walking around with my heart on the outside of my chest while my arms are full of a sweet, wriggling baby. 

Thank you sweet boy for making me a mama. You have no idea how much I love you, but I promise to tell you every day. Being your mama is the greatest gift and joy. Sometimes I think my heart might explode when you look and me and smile with your sweet little eyes (you’ve got smizing down!). You have turned our world upside down in the best possible ways and I’m forever grateful that you are OURS. 💗 

I’m so thankful for all the mamas in my life – my own, my MIL, my family (aunts, cousins and grandma!), and my friends, who are all such amazing examples of good moms. My own mother taught me to be strong, hardworking and to love your family fiercely. My mother in law raised a son who is polite and kind to everyone he meets, is smart and thoughtful, is generous and caring and who loves deeply – especially his little boy. And my family, well, they were the village that helped raise us, and the examples of wonderful parents that I grew up watching. My friends who became mamas before me have shared tips and tricks, words of wisdom and encouragement, and are the #momsquad that confirms I’m not crazy during growth spurts but this is all normal. I’m grateful for their support and check-ins and was completely blown away yesterday with all of the Happy Mothers Day messages I received. How lucky am I to be surrounded in life my so many spectacular mamas?! 


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