Let the fun begin! 

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Now that our little bear is becoming more active and interested in everything, we’ve been ramping up our idea inventory for things to do to keep him entertained! 

We have a great neighborhood pool (like seriously amazing with water park quality slides) but the most he can do is splash at the entrance or float around for 20 minutes (and it’s a lot of work to take him to the pool for 20 minutes!). So, for other activities that don’t require sunscreen, special diapers and wrestling a baby into a long sleeved swim suit… 

Jammin’ Baby: we started our session this week and it was so fun to see how the kids reacted to the music! Liam thought the instruments were all delicious. But seriously, we are looking forward to our weekly classes and introducing Liam to all the music! 

Story time: Liam LOVES to read. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a baby sit so still and pay attention so closely to books but he does… especially his Toot book. Fortunately, our area has no shortage of story time options: Johnny’s, Fearrington Village, Chapel Hill Library 

Swim lessons: We are hoping to get into swim lessons at the YMCA starting in the fall. We want Liam to be used to the water and comfortable (but will not be doing any kind of survival swim lessons! To each their own but my mama heart can’t take tossing him under water). He already seems to like it so it will only get more fun!

Museum of Life and Science: this picture is actually from the Fort fisher Aquarium but goes along with the MLS theme. I haven’t actually been yet but I’ve heard it’s an awesome museum and Landon has fond memories of it. Right now it would definitely be more for us but in 6 months or so he’ll start to enjoy it and be able to play. Definitely adding a membership here to Liam’s Christmas list! 

Flower Gardens: Liam loves flowers (and gets it honestly!). He smiled and cooed forever at Lowes one day while looking at flowers, so the gardens in our area are a perfect place for him. Fearrington is clearly the easiest (and they have animals to look at, too!) but we also have the NC Botanical Gardens and Duke Gardens nearby! 

ZooTiger Rescue and Lemur Center: once we load Landon up on Benadryl, I’d love to take Liam to the Tiger Rescue and lemur center and already planning on a million zoo trips for us. Also, he should probably be a little older to actually enjoy these activities but I want to ensure that he obsessively loves animals as much as I do (haha). One day we’ll start fostering dogs again since he clearly already loves them so much. 

Fair: I remember going to the fair as a kid and absolutely loving it. As a parent, I can’t believe I ever rode fair rides that went upside down but I survived so I guess they were safe?? Anyway, Liam will certainly enjoy the carousel, colorful lights and watching his daddy try to win the biggest stuffed animal. 

We have PLENTY of activities to keep us busy! I still have every other Friday off which gives us a fun day to play together. If you’re in the Triangle, I’d love to hear any other ideas you have for fun with a 6ish month old. 👶🏼

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