Our adventures as pescatarians 

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Late this summer, we decided to alter our diet to be pescatarian. This was a bit tough because my love for buffalo wings is strong and Landon loves to eat all the duck/rabbit/lamb/<insert other precious baby animals here>. Also, I grew up on a beef farm so red meat has always been a big part of my life.

Eating out is fairly easy. Most restaurants have multiple seafood, fish and vegetarian options. We do usually scope out the menus in advance though so we aren’t caught off guard. 

We make a clear plan for the week before o hit the grocery store. That way we know exactly what we’ll be having each night. We’ve defaulted to a lot of pasta dishes and shrimp. I could eat shrimp every night, but my other half prefers to switch it up. 

Sushi gives us options but ever since having Liam, raw fish gives me the heebie-jeebies! I have tried several times (this was even what I requested for my birthday dinner!) but I’m really struggling with it. 

Eating at the beach was easy. Seafood is readily available. We did our own steam pots twice because it was a) easy and b) delicious. 

I’ve swapped out the chicken in my beloved Thai food for either extra veggies or tofu. 

I’ve tried some new types of fish, but mostly I pick shrimp. 

And we’re trying to do better about eating at home but it’s tough to do because I don’t want to run to the store multiple times in a week to get fresh fish. We’ve incorporated more vegetarian options into our weekly meals like spinach lasagna (Liam enjoyed it!), buffalo tofu enchiladas, and Spinach feta pizza. 

I regularly order buffalo shrimp tacos from our fave local spot. And devour them. 

We’ve each slipped up a few times – some were intentional. But the less we eat meat, the worse it tastes to me. It pains me to type this but I ordered buffalo wings a few weeks ago and they tasted awful. Fortunately, it’s the sauce I love and not the chicken so I can still get my fix. I had one bite of a hot dog this weekend and had to throw it out. Landon says that doesn’t count as “real” meat anyway. 

Two months into our new diet, we’re feeling good about it. We still let Liam have all the meat he wants. I want him to at least get to try it and decide for himself if he likes it or not. Looking ahead to next month, I’m a little worried about how we’ll get through Thanksgiving with no turkey. Is that even allowed? 

Accepting pescatarian and vegetarian recipes now. Leave those links or details in the comments. My stomach (and family) will thank you! 

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