Basic Fall Weekend 

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This weekend might have been one of my favorites, ever. Actually, I’m loving all of October. All of Fall, thus far. 

Last weekend, we visited the North Carolina Zoo with our little bear. This weekend, we visited the pumpkin “patch”, stumbled across a Harvest Festival and then went to the State Fair

The pumpkin patch is more of a place to buy pumpkins than a patch, but it entertained L just the same. On weekends they have cider donuts, hayrides and more, but we avoided the crowds by going on Friday afternoon. We basically had the place to ourselves. 

Liam loved banging on the big pumpkins and trying to eat all of the little ones. 

Nothing beats watching his face light up as he discovers something new. 

On Saturday, we planned to go to the State Fair. We left our house at 11:45 and decided along the way we should eat lunch first. We stopped in Raleigh and by the time we finished it was 2 PM and getting closer to nap time for someone. 

So, we walked over to the Harvest Festival that was happening at Logan’s garden shop. It did not disappoint this boy who is full of wonder. 

Balloons, pumpkins and flowers galore! L loved the plant that tickled his face. 

We postponed our fair trip until Sunday, planning to get an earlier start. 

It might be fall but it felt like summer out there. And pushing a stroller through crowds of fried food eating fair goers is as much fun as it sounds. 

L was teething all weekend but handled the heat, crowds and being trapped in a stroller SO WELL. We say multiple times a day how lucky we are with this guy. 

L was too short to ride any of the rides (I had no idea this was a thing for babies!), so after walking around for a few hours and seeing all the animals, we called it a day. Next year will definitely be more fun for him! 

Regardless, this was still one of the best weekends. I’m loving checking things off of our Fall bucket list and month 8 with our babe has been absolutely wonderful. Feeling very grateful on this Monday. 

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