What we’re loving now 

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It is crazy to see how much a baby changes in such a short period of time. L went from slow crawling to pulling up on everything to moving at the pace of a cheetah and now standing up on his own. 

We have ALL THE TOYS in our living room right now. You’d think we have an at home daycare but we don’t. Just one very busy 9 month old. 

His cousins let him borrow their activity table and we got one from a swap/sell group on Facebook so he has two, AND a walker that lights up and makes sounds as well. It can be a little overwhelming when everything is making its own sound. 

But, he loves them all so they are here to stay. 

We recently started using this counter high chair so that he can be close when we are prepping/cooking food. He loves it – and the dogs love walking beneath his feet for a free back rub. 

    Things I’m loving right now as a mom: 

    • This ruffle sweatshirt: I haven’t shopped at American Eagle since I was a teenager but couldn’t resist this shirt.  
    • Coffee: I’ve never really been a big coffee person (unless it’s iced and in the afternoon) but I’m loving morning coffee right now. We drink Caribou Daybreak or Lakeshore at home. 
    • Amazon’s subscription service: this saves me time and work! I don’t have to go to multiple stores or search for ridiculous sized filters at Lowe’s. And we get a discount for having so many things delivered (Lara Bars, Cliff bars, coffee, paper towels, toilet paper, dog treats, filters, etc.) 
    • My Toms Booties: these are seriously comfortable and well worth the $! 
    • The 1 Second EveryDay app: I discovered this in October and was able to go back since the day Liam was born to create a video of him literally changing before our eyes. (See below for October!) 
    • My Beauty Counter products: I use the face wash, exfoliating wash, eye cream, rejuvenating serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and dew skin make up and LOVE it all. I am NOT a big spender on products, and flinched at the price initially but now I am hooked. My skin looks and feels better – and the products are non-toxic and cruelty free. Major wins in my book!

    I’d love to hear what you’re currently loving or services/products that make your life easier! 

    *this post is not sponsored – genuine love of all the products!

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