9 Months!

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We are closer to 10 months than 9 but we’ve been so busy with this mobile little fella that I haven’t sat down to write about him in the last 3 months.

He has changed SO MUCH in the past 3 months (see video at the bottom!)! He started crawling FULL FORCE in September and took his first step last night.

He’s incredibly cautious about standing and sitting back down and it’s adorable. He either reaches out for your hand or gently places his own hand on the ground before sitting – no plopping or falling. I’m hopeful this means he didn’t get my clumsiness!

He still loves being in the stroller and goes for multiple walks a day with his granddad, enjoys strolls with Mom and dad and sings to me when we go running together. We LOVE our BOB!

He eats like a grown man – only cuter and messier. He hates having a bib on while he eats and repeatedly tries to take it off or dump it. And he does this adorable nose scrunch that melts me.

He and the dogs are BFFs now. Mostly because he lets them lick his grubby hands while he’s eating and occasionally tosses food their way. But also because he pets them and they’re very needy for attention these days.

He got to go back to the grocery store and was a much better sport this time.

We celebrated his first Halloween with a “parade” in our neighborhood and then we huffed it home for bedtime. Bed time is between 6:30-7 PM and not a minute later unless you’re prepared for a full meltdown.

He loves playing with his activity tables and pulling all of his toys out of the basket. No need to spend money on actual toys though, water bottles work just fine!

He is 29.5 inches long (75th percentile!) and 21.5 lbs., has SIX teeth and still loves to cuddle.

I cant believe in 10 weeks we’ll have a one year old. I’m positive we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday. It has easily been the best, busiest, and most wonderful year of our lives. 💗

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