Mens Holiday Gift Guide

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Let’s be real – this guide also works for any man in your life. I’m all about practical and useful gifts – and Amazon Prime. I told the story the other day of how Landon not only got me all the Shark Week DVDs one year, but also this HUGE, inflatable, remote control flying shark. To be fair, I have an obsession with all things sharks, but….

Not only was it enormous (56×36!!), but you had to take it to the store to get helium put in it to use it. We eventually gave it to my nephew – new and still in the box. It’s hilarious now but because of the flying shark, I try to give uber practical gifts. 😂

  1. Sonos speaker: this is a great gift for the music lover or entertainer. L loves how he can turn on music from anywhere in the house. And you can get more than one to have a surround sound experience!
  2. Mini smoker: Landon does all of our grilling and if we had this, he’d also do the smoking (I guess that’s also assuming we’d be eating meat again). It’s also more compact than most, so good for any space!
  3. Golf Organizer: perfect for the trunk and keeps everything neatly organized and together. (This would also be a good mens exchange gift if you’re involved in one of those!)
  4. Mountain Bike: if the guy in your life is active or a thrill seeker this is an excellent option. My brother will certainly have feedback on the bike I’ve chosen but since I’m not an expert – and chances are your guy won’t be riding everyday or going pro, any decent bike will do. We have 14 miles of trails in our neighborhood so I know L would be happy to open this on Christmas morning!

  1. Patagonia Vest: this is a winner for everyone and never goes out of style. Also perfect for this crazy North Carolina weather where it’s 35 in the morning but 65 in the afternoon! (20% off with code GEARUP20)
  2. Toms sneakers: these shoes are perfect for work or casual weekend wear! I bought L a similar pair 3-4 years ago and they’ve held up so well!
  3. J Crew Shirt: there are finally new options in J Crew’s button ups (seemed like they had the same styles for 2 years!). I found at least 4 that I want to get LW! (Sign up for/use eBates to get 5% back on your purchase + use code GIFTGIVING for 40% off clearance and free shipping!)
  4. Happy socks: a good stocking stuffer or small gift. Tons of fun styles!

  1. Whiskey glasses: if your husband likes to have a nice drink every once in a while, get him a set of whiskey glasses. Pair it with an actual bottle of whiskey to get bonus points.
  2. Whiskey stones: nobody likes their drink watered down! These stones go in the freezer and then right into your drink to keep it cool without having to use ice! Another great stocking stuffer or exchange gift!
  3. Telescope:Telescope: if your guy is at all interested in space/astronomy, get him a telescope. Kids will also love this as they get older! A fun gift to pair it with would be the Night Sky print from a special date (wedding?!).
  4. Virtual Reality headset: if he already has all the video games and consoles in the world, get him this. You can record him looking silly while he plays 😂

I’m slightly biased on this list as I know they are all things my husband would enjoy. I’d love to hear what you’re getting the men in your life – and things I might want to consider adding to the list! I’m sure we can all agree that we won’t be buying flying sharks for our significant others!

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