Gift guide for the new mom

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After having my own child, I quickly realized how bad of a friend I was to my friends who had kids before me! Why didn’t I make them meals? Bake them lactation Cookies? Clean their houses? Why did I think dropping off food once and spending half an hour in their home chatting (ugh) was enough / okay? I’m better now – guys! Have another kid and I’ll be all over that meal train!

I’m currently prepping frozen crockpot dump meals for my brother and sister-in-law who are due with baby #3 in 2.5 weeks! I also made a batch of banana pumpkin muffins for the whole family and some mini muffins that I bagged separately for my SIL to grab when she needs a quick snack / that nursing hunger hits. I can’t wait to love on this new baby but I also want to love on B+K and make their lives a little easier in those not-so-easy early days!

Here’s my gift guide for the new mom – can be for the holidays but also for any day of the year!

Comfort gifts:

Help her build her “momiform”

Tech & Gadgets:

Help her relax:

Make her feel special (and put together!):


  • Maid service: pay someone to clean her house! You will be her BFF.
  • Grocery service: pay for grocery pick up and online ordering for a year. $99 at Harris Teeter.
  • Spa services: massage/facial/hair/pedi/mani you name it! Get her a gift certificate to love on herself in her time (try to find one that doesn’t expire!)

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