Cyber Monday Deals

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On Thursday, we traveled to Virginia for Thanksgiving with my family. We were all “this is going to be a great day” after L slept for 3 hours on the way there. We expected him to wake up happy and hungry and were excited for everyone to see him. Instead, he woke up sick, angry that we were trying to feed him (how dare we?) and cried for 4ish hours. It was definitely not the first Thanksgiving we had pictured for him. He refused to nap again, hardly ate his turkey meal and was definitely not our happy baby. We ended up scratching our plans to spend the night in Virginia and instead made the trek home.

Friday, I went to the grocery store and decided to treat myself to Starbucks; however, my card was not authorized. TWICE. I immediately logged into my account to see that they had restricted it due to possible fraudulent activity. Y’all. I am the UNLUCKIEST person when it comes to this nonsense. So, after 30 minutes on the phone with the bank, we discovered 4 fraudulent charges, two at a La Quinta and two at CITI Trends, totally more than $450. We had gotten gas on the way to Virginia and are sure that’s where the card was compromised.

Anyway, I share that story because it complicated my Black Friday and now, Cyber Monday shopping. But, never fear, I’ve still been able to complete almost all of my Christmas shopping. I love getting everything done before December even starts – that way, we can enjoy the entire season without having to worry about visiting stores or scrambling for last minute items!

Here are some of the Cyber Monday deals I’m loving (don’t forget to log into eBates first – some of these have 10% cash back!!):

Beauty Counter – CounterMatch set and Travel Shampoo/Conditioner sets today only!

Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry – 20% off with code BFCM20

Instant Pot on Amazon – the 6 QT is sufficient if you don’t have a HUGE family, if you do, grab the 8 QT!


J Crew Factory – 60% off + additional 50% off clearance + FREE Shipping with code CYBER

LL Bean – 25% off the most amazing slippers with code CYBER25

LOFT – 50% off everything with code CLICK

Lucy Activewear – 40% off all bottoms!

Target – 15% off on top of Cyber Monday sales!

Toms – 25% off + Free Shipping with code THANKFUL

 Happy Monday and here’s to hoping my new card comes soon so I can spend all that free time I have (LOL) updating accounts that were linked to the old card!

This post contains some affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything to shop them but allows me to keep blogging!

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