Back on the [pescatarian] wagon

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We fell off the wagon big time starting with Thanksgiving and all the way through January. I rediscovered my love for buffalo wings, but if we’re being honest, they are just a vehicle to get buffalo sauce into my mouth and I love buffalo shrimp just as much. So, I’m kicking that addiction to the curb (yes, it’s an addiction) and getting back on the no meat train starting this week.

We realized that we felt better when we weren’t eating meat regularly. We also found that we were eating much healthier. Now that we’re away from turkey and ham holidays, we are ready to dive back into seafood and veggies.

I recently did some polls on instagram to see what people would like to see on the blog, and food was one of the most popular choices. I don’t typically make complicated meals but we do like lots of flavor and I try to switch it up from day to day. I also try to make things that leave us with leftovers for lunch the following day – if not enough for a couple lunches each.

This week’s menu: 

  • Tortellini Bake (though there was no baking required?)
  • Salmon (lime juice, soy sauce, seafood seasoning), baked potato and broccoli rabe
  • 15-minute lo mein (we add shrimp)
  • Crock Pot Minestrone Soup (subbed tomato sauce for the V8) with grilled cheeses
  • Greek spread (pita, hummus, pepperoncini, olives, tomatoes, green peppers, feta)

I try to meal plan first by doing a quick inventory of what we already have in the house. This week, we had quite a bit of ingredients for these meals (beans, onions, diced tomatoes, hummus, olives, tortellini), so I was able to keep my Sunday grocery bill to $81 (minus $22 of dog food).

We’re trying to be more conscious of our waste and so many of these recipes are great ways to use up veggies that won’t be good for much longer. I love to buy red and green peppers but I’m the only one who likes them so we tend to have at least a few in our fridge at any given time that are close to the end of their time.

Thus far, we’ve had the salmon and the tortellini. Big L raved about the tortellini so it’s definitely something we’ll do again. I’m the only one who enjoyed the salmon meal. Liam refuses to eat it and Landon is recovering from being sick so he couldn’t stomach it after all. For more meal ideas and dishes we cook regularly, follow my Meals on Repeat board on Pinterest.

Would love to hear your favorite (quick + easy) meals and how you meal plan!

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