What We’re Loving Now 2.0

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Babies are like the tiny king and queens of fads. They literally like something for 7 seconds and then never touch it again. So, Liam’s list of what he’s loving changes frequently… especially with the recent explosion of new things to love from Christmas and his birthday!

What Liam is loving now:

Fisher Price Food Truck: He loves licking the food before he serves it to us and hitting us on the head as we try to place our orders. I doubt his Yelp reviews will be great but we’ll definitely be repeat customers.


“You Should Never Touch a Monster” book: he love touching, biting and kissing this book that he got for Christmas. No worries, it hasn’t surpassed Toot as his favorite but is definitely running a close second.

Take n’ Toss Cups: We started transitioning from bottles to these sippy cups when he turned one. Day care uses them and we wanted to have time for him to get comfortable with them. He obviously feels like such a big boy drinking from them, it’s adorable.

Car Keys: After battling over my car keys and it ending in that broken-hearted cry every time, I ordered these keys for him and he loves the sounds they make and chewing on them.

Happy Baby Organic Yogis: doesn’t matter what the flavor is, he is obsessed with these and grunts at us for more and more. Thank goodness for bulk orders and subscription service!

As for me, I’m loving my new running shoes! I got several new pairs for Christmas … including trail running shoes from my in-laws! The shoes pictured are the Brooks Launch 4 and thus far, I’m loving running in them. They fit well and we’re easy to break in! I’m also loving the New Balance Zantev3 and Nike Air Zoom Elite 9. I haven’t gotten to take my trail shoes out yet since the trails have been so wet from rain and snow.

Vital Proteins Collagen PeptidesThis is supposed to help with the vitality of your skin, hair, joints, bones, etc. I don’t know if this is actually making my skin or my joints better, but I also haven’t been using it as regularly as I could. I am going to make a goal in March to use it every day and I’ll report back on how I feel. For now,  I toss a scoop in my coffee, a scoop in my smoothie, a scoop in oatmeal (whenever I have any of these things)… it doesn’t have a taste so you can put it in anything!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – I did a poll on instagram and folks thought I was being duped when I bought these but I do think my eyes feel less strained when I remember to wear them.

The Last Anniversary – Like all of Liane Moriarty’s books, I LOVED this one and couldn’t put it down. I read it on my flight to Boston last week – and thankfully tucked it in my carry on because the airline lost my luggage. So I didn’t have pajamas, but I had my book!


In my Instagram polls a few weeks ago, you said you’d like to hear more about products we’re loving so I’ll try to make this a regular weekly or bi-weekly segment.

This post does contain affiliate links but they don’t cost you anything – they just help get you to the products easier and faster (no need to search on your own) and if you decide to purchase, I get a percentage of the cost for recommending you. Similar to eBates (get $10 just for signing up!) or Poshmark (use code ASHLEIGHWNC for $5 off your first purchase!) kickbacks – both which I highly recommend! 

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