Weekend Recap 4/20-22

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We had a busy but fun weekend. The weather here in North Carolina has turned beautiful (I say that as it rains outside and the temperature is in the low 60s) and is allowing us to spend tons of time outside which is Liam’s absolute favorite thing to do!

On Saturday morning, I got up at 5 AM and moved as quietly as possible thru the house as I got ready for my race. I decided to run the 4-mile race instead of the 10-miler due to an injured knee 7 days before and a stomach bug that both Liam and I had. But if I’m being honest, I did a crappy job of training. I was supposed to run 3-4 times a week and most weeks I did 2 runs, MAX. I stopped doing long runs after my 7 mile run because I’m a wuss and don’t do cold or wet runs and we haven’t been able to stay healthy in this house for the past 6 months. I probably could have pushed through 10 miles but likely would have walked some and been incredibly sore afterwards. I grappled with “is it worse to run it and hurt myself or not run it and be mad at/disappointed in myself?” I landed on I’d rather be proud that I did anything at all and promise to train harder next year.

Landon and Liam were waiting for me just before the finish line so I snuck a kiss before I finished the race. I felt good and am happy with my decision to run 4 miles.

I’m especially happy with my decision because after the race, we headed to Black Mountain to see a couple of our favorite artists perform and I ended up walking another 4.5 miles throughout the evening!

But not before a little brunch at Breakway Cafe to refuel after the race. Liam ate the potatoes out of my egg & grit bowl and Landon had a raspberry ginger muffin. We got to enjoy our food and coffee together as Liam played in the kids corner – only joining us to steal another potato!

We got to see John Moreland and Deer Tick perform at Pisgah Brewing’s 13th Anniversary celebration. We also got a fun tour of the brewery (with the biggest sample pours EVER!) and I got to meet one of the members of Deer Tick!

The shows were great but left us SO tired the next day! We made the drive (what felt like forever) home.

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