Life with a 1-year old

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Today I thought I’d share a few items that we love and/or make our life easier with a one year old!

Toys & Books:

First off, Liam LOVES trucks so the majority of his toys are trucks. I lucked out by finding all of these Green Toys trucks (Large: fire truck, dump truck, school bus & trash truck; Medium: car; Little: trailer + small cars)  from someone in my neighborhood. They are some of Liam’s absolute favorites, and the small and medium size ones are perfect for taking in the car. He also has a few metal cars/trucks that he likes to play with but he has to be watched while playing with them because they have small parts that aren’t safe for him.

Continuing with the car theme, he likes going for rides in his car but enjoys pushing it himself even more!

He plays with his animal cards regularly and especially enjoys touching the parts that feel like the animals and also grabs his Melissa & Doug sound puzzles any chance he gets. We like the musical one, but Liam’s favorite is the vehicle puzzle.

His current favorite books are Little Blue Truck, Pout Pout Fish, Trucks, Dinosaur Dance and Toot.


Liam still sleeps in a Zipadee-zip sleep sack EVERY night. He giggles when he puts it on (sometimes he even carries it to me when he’s ready for bed). We have two so that we don’t end up in a jam if he has an accident or throws up on one (this has happened MULTIPLE times).

These Saucony shoes have been great for him (he’s currently a size 4.5). They’ve held up extremely well for how often he wears them. We also have a pair of sandals but they’re a little big for him still.

Liam gets lots of compliments when he wears his hat (literally the cutest thing EVER). We got a plain gray one from H&M and he wears it ALL THE TIME. He can still wear his baby sunglasses but I also bought him a pair like this since he steals my blue Goodr glasses all the time.


These IKEA shirt bibs are still our favorite. They’re so easy to clean and they keep *most* of the food off of his clothes.

We have like 4 of these suction-y plates now and bowls, too. They make it easier to contain the mess and are easy to clean (are you noticing a theme?).

L’s daycare uses these take n’ toss cups, so we’ve invested in some for home, too. I hate how they leak if he holds them upside down, though. I love this ThinkBaby steel cup that doesn’t leak but we only use it for water.

This counter high chair makes it so easy for L to hang out at the island while I make food, or just to plop him in so I can do anything else with my hands.

Our Diaper Bag Backpack allows for us to be prepared but also hands free which is great. It has all the right pockets, including an insulated one and one to pull wipes out of but isn’t too bulky. It’s not as fancy as some on the market but it gets the job done.

Now that the weather is warming up, we’ve pulled out the sunscreen. I love ThinkBaby since it’s free of toxins and has SPF 50 to make sure his skin is protected.

Last but not least, these Sposies diaper boost pads. These are the real MVP of this post. We had a full week of him waking up earlier than normal because he had soaked through his diaper and clothes (which meant lots of laundry!). A friend shared these with me and they’ve been miracle workers!

I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out but day in and day out these are faves and must haves for us… would love to hear what other 1-2 year olds are into or what products make your life easier!

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