20 Prime Day Deals You Need

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I’m not usually a big shopper on days like Black Friday (unless that shopping is online) because I am impatient and hate crowds – and there’s typically nothing I want bad enough to make me crawl out of bed in the morning when it’s still dark out. But, Amazon Prime Day has some deals on things I need to buy anyway – like baby wipes! So it’s worth taking a look. I usually glance at their “deal of the day” but have only twice stumbled across items I’ve purchased (the latest being this Power Wheels car for Liam that was on sale for $59!).

These are flash deals that may end before you read this and/or run out of supplies. The links below will take you right to the product – you may need to check a little box under the price to secure extra savings – so keep your eyes open! Lastly, these links are through an affiliate program. When you shop using my links, I get a small fee sent to me and it helps keep my blog alive and Liam’s toy box full. 🙂

So here are the Prime Day deals that have caught my eye:

  1. Babyganics Baby Wipes: we use these on L and always have a pack upstairs, downstairs and in the diaper bag as well as a pack at daycare so there’s no sense in not stocking up when there’s a 40% off coupon! (Be sure to check the box for 40% off!)
  2. Hand soap: with 3 bathrooms and a kitchen to supply hand soap in, I might as well get an 8 pack and we’ll be covered for a few months! I took a CPR class this past weekend and we talked about how important hand washing is – so buy the soap!
  3. Ring Video Doorbell: We’ve had a sign on our door for almost 18 months that says “please don’t ring the door bell or knock – baby sleeping!” But with the Ring, you get a call to your phone when someone rings the doorbell and you can talk to them, see them and/or ignore them. Also, your doorbell won’t ring and make the dogs bark and wake the baby up. Isn’t technology amazing? Get it for $175 today!
  4. Fire HD 8: I have added this to my cart TWICE now. It’s on sale for $49.99 (38% off) but Liam is just not into screens yet. Trust me, we tried on that really long flight home from Ireland and he just doesn’t care about that as much as he does books and trucks. But, if your kid does… this is a great deal to get them their own and get them off of your phone or iPad! (Also, the Fire 7 Kids Edition is on sale for $69.99 (30% off)).
  5. ECOVACS DEEBOT robot floor vacuum cleaner: this is what I imagine dreams are made of. I am way too cheap to ever even consider splurging on a Roomba but this guy is on sale for $179.98 (from $299.98) today!!! It also connects with your Alexa (if you have it). If you have half the amount of dog hair I do in my house, you need this bad boy.
  6. Schylling UV Play Shade: This thing has SPF 50 and gave us life last summer at the beach. If you have a little one and are planning on going outside this summer – you should grab this! It’s perfect for naptime at the beach or even laying your little one in while you play with your bigger kid outside. I bought it a year ago and paid $50!Deal goes live at 3 PM!
  7. Summer Infant Pop N’ Playard: I should have labeled this 6b instead of 7, because you really don’t need both items but you should get one. This one is great for containing a baby who can roll around / crawl or even stand. Would still give them the feeling of being outside but without having to be held. Love this not just for the beach/lake but for your own backyard! On sale for $84.20 (be sure to get the one with the canopy so your baby has shade!)
  8. Lillebaby SIX position carrier: We have the Ergo 360 but I always looked at the Lillebaby. This one is an all-season so you don’t have to worry about getting to hot in summer and you can move them around to different positions as they get older. I personally love this stone color and it can work on mom or dad! On sale for $90.99 from $139.99!
  9. Tank dress with POCKETS!: This dress is so comfy, I already have it in 2 colors but definitely want to grab a few more. Perfect for casual wear or even as a pool cover up. Lightning deal on some colors – prices range $14.99-19.99. It fits true to size! I’m eyeing dark green and Beja blue!
  10. Gojo Natural Orange Hand Cleaner: this hasn’t failed us yet with getting Landon’s hands cleaned after an afternoon in the garage. Cannot recommend enough if you’re going to be messing with paint, cars, dirt, etc. On sale for more than 50% off  at $12.79 for this huge container!
  11. Ball pit balls!: We admittedly haven’t used Liam’s ball pit in a few months because Bud destroyed it during a storm but we still have the balls which are always a hot commodity in my neighborhood buy/sell/trade group. This is a great deal on 200 balls for $25.19 (down from $36.99).
  12. Sharpies: I love writing with Sharpies. All of my work notes are in sharpies. I usually sign my name on cards in a sharpie. And this pack has all of the dreamy colors you could want, plus, they’re ultra fine point so perfect for note-taking! And it’s on sale for LESS THAN $10!
  13. Foam Letters Bath Toys: we’ve recently been talking about how Liam needs more bath toys so this bag of letters and numbers for all of $7.19 is a great deal! Even comes with a bag to keep them all together!
  14. Ninja Personal Blender: We use this EVERY day. And I’ve even started making Liam’s popsicles in it because it blends so well. I love the personal size if you’re single or just a couple and it’s on sale for $67! If you plan on doing fancy things with your blender (more food blending than just smoothies), the Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender is a tad stronger, bigger and has more cup options. It’s on sale for $159 from $249! And if you’re really looking for a food processor but also want a blender, go one more step up to the Ninja Blender/Food processor combo on sale for $229.99 (from $269.99).
  15. Sound Machine / White Noise: Liam has slept with one of these since he was born and we take it everywhere with us. I don’t know that he NEEDS it, but it definitely helps drown out our dogs barking randomly and things like the washer/dryer which are not too far down the hall from his room. We also have the travel version for car sleeping!
  16. Melissa and Doug First Calendar: This magnetic calendar is a great way to teach kids the months, days, season and weather! We saw it a few weeks ago at a store but this deal for $15.99 is too great to pass up!
  17. Play-doh: want to entertain your kid in silence for 30 minutes? Here you go. You’re welcome. On sale for $6.60 from $7.99. Pack of 10, so you can get at least 2 hours of fun out of this before they’ve mushed them all together!
  18. Pyrex Food Storage: These are my favorite food storage containers. We try not to use plastic anymore and these have been great. Plus it’s on sale for $30! Normal price is almost $45 so great deal and the perfect time to revamp your Tupperware cabinet.
  19. Phone case with a tripod: My friend Kelsi whipped this out yesterday when we were trying to take a picture of a group of 30 and I immediately yelled out that I needed a link to this product. I think the kickstand is actually to make it easy to watch things on your phone but it also works as a tripod! Today, it’s on sale from $34.99 to $16.99 and there are six color options. I’m deciding between Rose Gold and Silver.
  20. Stainless Steel reusable drinking straws: Did you hear Starbucks is banning straws? You should, too! They are TERRIBLE for the environment. But, if you insist on using a straw, grab some of these. I ordered them and they are GREAT. My co-worker laughed at me every time I pulled it out of my purse last week but, it’s super easy to clean and I’m doing my small part to save the world for Liam’s generation. And if you order venti or trenta size drinks, get these extra long ones. Both sets are only $6.89.

Update now that deals are live! If you’re in need of a car seat, Graco is included in Prime Day deals! Here they are: Graco Atlas 2-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat $62.71; Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat $99.99; Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat $83.19; Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat $114.56; Graco Snugride Click Connect 30 Infant Car Seat $74.99. Amazon is having trouble keeping up with the traffic so I don’t have links to all but just search and save yourself some $!

I highly recommend joining the Car Seats for Littles Facebook group to get recommendations on what will work best in your vehicle but since these deals won’t last forever, you might want to purchase and return if you find out it won’t work!

Ok, you have 30 minutes before many of these deals start. Let me know what you get and feel free to share the list with friends who might be interested!

Follow up post can be found here with 10 more items worth checking out.

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