More Prime Day Deals to Spend Money On

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What is going on with Amazon today? Clearly they knew the site and app would be busy but woof! It’s bad. And I have a feeling a lot of people are giving up. I found a few more things I wanted to share with you before I head off to bed (see my earlier post here). I’m super bummed to have missed out on the Green Toys trucks and tractor – Liam would have loved more of those (though, to be honest, we have most of them at this point and he doesn’t need anymore trucks).

Before I dive into the list, if you or your kid like to read, use PRIMEBOOKS18 for $5 off a $20 book order! Such a good deal! I keep a running list for me and L so I was able to get us each a few new ones!

Now, other items to check out:

  1. Blue Lizard Baby Sunscreen: On sale for $11 and well worth it! Protect that baby without tons of toxins!
  2. ThinkBaby Sunscreen: On sale for $8…. we still have plenty of summer left, buy all the sunscreen!
  3. Columbia Vest: I love a good vest and for $14, I couldn’t pass this up. I got it in “sea salt”
  4. Head thermometer: When Liam was sick earlier this year, there was nothing worse than having to wake him up to see how high his fever had gone. This thing is going to be AMAZING – and for $16.99? Can’t beat that! Hurry though, 92% had claimed as of when I purchased!
  5. Silicone Plates: We use these 3 times a day! Seriously… we even have them at my in-laws house. Get a 3-pack for $15.17! What a deal! (I really love the ezpz mats and plates but they sold out and the waitlist is full!)
  6. WolVol Educational Activity Cube: I LOVE this cube! It has way more stuff on it than the ones we had for Liam and looks super fun. On sale for $21.33. Great to have for that 6-18 month range!
  7. Clarisonic Mia 2: I LOVE my Clarisonic Mia. I use it pretty much every day or at least every other day. I’ve had it for a couple years now and it still works great. I just read that Rachel Hollis, the author of Girl Wash Your Face, sent these out to influencers as gifts to promote her book – what a great idea. On sale for 35% off today ($110).
  8. Wet Brush: Once you brush your hair with this, you won’t ever use another brush! And if you have kids who need their hair brushed, they’ll thank you. Get this two pack for only $9.50. 47% claimed so you have a little bit before it sells out!
  9. 21 Day Fix Workout Program and Containers: I actually can’t believe this is on Amazon and for only $50! I’m not a Beach Body coach – but I’m a huge fan of this program. The workouts are challenging but manageable (meaning you don’t have to be in crazy good shape to get started!) and it comes with a nutrition program to help you reign in your diet.
  10. Running Vest with lights: This is one of my favorites for running in the evenings (or winter because it’s dark AF by like 5 PM). 25% off and free one-day shipping!

That’s all, folks. I’ve placed all of my orders and will have a front porch full of boxes later this week.

Good luck with your shopping and remember, I use affiliate links so if you shop through my links, I get a small commission from amazon for sending you to them – but also remember that I’d never recommend anything that I wouldn’t use myself! I appreciate you using my links and supporting my blog!

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